[Watch] Refrezh 1v5 Clutch Ace Saves Heroic From Elimination

Another classic tale of Team Liquid's infamous chokes!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Refrezh secured an incredible 1v5 clutch ace against Team Liquid in the 30th round of Inferno to save Heroic from elimination.
He survived on just 3 HP to win the high stakes clutch which Heroic converted into a win, advancing to the semifinals.
Heroic will now be facing Na'Vi tonight with the winner advancing to the grand final.

The ESL Pro League Season 14 quarterfinals faceoff between Team Liquid and Heroic was incredible, as both teams showcased the potential to come back from a huge deficit and win the map. Unfortunately, Heroic did it a bit better as its 23-year-old entry fragger, Ismail "refrezh" Ali secured a huge 1v5 clutch for the side, saving them from elimination and taking the game into overtime.

While it was the incredible play from refrezh that made it possible for him to attain the stupendous clutch ace, many blamed Team Liquid of having thrown that round as the infamous 'Liquid Choke' surfaced once again.

Refrezh destroys Liquid to secure a 1v5 clutch ace and save Heroic from elimination

Refrezh became the man of the hour for Heroic following his unbelievable clutch ace against Team Liquid on Inferno when they were on map point. Not only did he take the map into overtime, but also saved his side from certain elimination as the score read '15-14' in Liquid's favour.

The odds were heavily stacked against refrezh who was left alone by his team to fend of against the entire Liquid roster in the 30th round of the deciding map. Despite the huge handicap, what transpired was an incredible ace clutch by the Dane which will definitely be included in all the 'Best CS:GO Play' compilations of the year.

Surrounded from both sides with some smokes providing minimal cover, refrezh sprung into action as he took care of two players poking through 'CT-Spawn'. This followed by a slow approach towards the 'B-Site' as he found two more kills, converting an impossible 1v5 situation into a palatable 1v1 faceoff.

Michael "Grim" Wince had the upper hand with the wide swing but the adjustment from refrezh was accurate, as he survived on 3 HP to prevent Heroic's elimination from ESL Pro League Season 14 to take the game into overtime which they won '19-16' to advance further into the tournament.

Heroic will now be going up against Na'Vi in the semifinals tonight which is scheduled to start from 22:45 IST. The winner will be advancing to the grand final where they will be facing off against the winner of OG vs Vitality.

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