Electronic Takes A Sneaky Double Kill With A Knife On Nuke


[Watch] Electronic Takes a Sneaky Double Kill With a Knife on Nuke

Electronic looked satisfied after securing those frags!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Electronic was really feeling himself on Nuke as he went for a double knife kill despite NAVI being in a pressure situation.
The 23-year-old snuck inside squeaky early on in the round and waited patiently to drop two Entropiq players one after the other.
NAVI has since managed to secure a Legends status at the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Natus Vincere (NAVI) was the first CS:GO team to book themselves a slot in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. It managed to qualify with a Legends status for the Majors after a second-place finish at the IEM Fall 2021: CIS. They had a flawless run up until the grand finals where they lost to Gambit Esports '2-0'.

Throughout their run many highlight clips were made by a lot of players but the one that stuck out the most was Denis "electronic" Sharipov's double knife kill on Nuke against Entropiq. The play really hyped up NAVI who were fighting back in the second half from a '4-11' deficit, as electronic provided his team with the perfect start for a classic CT-sided comeback.

Electronic takes a double knife kill despite NAVI being under presssure

Electronic was in sublime form when NAVI went up against Entropiq on Nuke at IEM Fall 2021: CIS. Despite having lost the first half of the map pretty badly, NAVI fought hard to come back from a '4-11' deficit to win the match at a '16-14' scoreline.

The momentum was provided by none other than electronic who secured a double knife kill on Nuke in the second pistol round to really hype up the team.

Right at the start of the round, the 23-year-old slipped down squeaky and hid their as the time kept passing away. Entropiq hit the 'A-Site' hard but wanted to slip through the smoke towards the 'B-Site'. Unfortunately electronic, foreseeing this play, was present at the spot and was gifted with a double knife kill.

The entire team responded positively to electronic's double kill with the knife, taking care of the three remaining players and walking away with a flawless round.

This also marked the start of their come back as they went on to win five more rounds on the trot to reach '10-11', from there on it was NAVI who dominated the map closing it '16-14' in their favor.

NAVI went on to top their group undefeated with a '5-0' scoreline and even cleared out Virtus.pro '2-0' in the opening game of the playoffs stage to finish second overall.

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