CS:GO User Finds 200 IQ No Peek A-Site Molotov Lineup On Dust 2


[Watch] CS:GO User Finds 200 IQ No Peek 'A-Site' Molotov Lineup on Dust 2

This is brilliant for a clutch situation or those with a poor aim.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO user shares a fantastic Molotov lineup from 'A-Long' to 'A-Site' on Dust 2 which does not require the player to peek.
The lineup works for both 128 and 64 tick servers in the same manner despite being a jump throw.

Dust 2 is an iconic Counter-Strike map which is also one of the oldest in the game. Despite so many strategies being played out on the map over the many years, players keep coming up with new stuff every now and then till this very day. This time around, a CS:GO player, 'u/Cipro_' has come forward to share a brilliant Molotov lineup from 'A-Long' to 'A-Site' which does not require the player to peek.

This is excellent in post-plant situations, as players will be able to defend their plant from 'A-Long' without having the need to directly engage in a gunfight or risk peeking to check on the defuse.

Molotov lineup from 'A-Long' to 'A-Site' on Dust 2 without being seen

Most of the clutch situations in post-plant situations are lost because the player defending comes under immense pressure to hold and prevent the C4 from being getting defused. It requires an alert mind to hear every possible sound that the opponent makes, especially the loud beep indicating the beginning of a defuse and all of it can get overwhelming.

This no peek Molotov lineup by 'Cipro_' is fantastic as it prevents you from keeping vision of the plant. If player has a Molotov, they can simply plant for 'A-Long' and then lineup their throw to burn the plant site as soon as they hear the defuse beep.

It does not require them to take constant peek and risk being exposed. Though they do need to be sharp on the audio as the defuse sound would be quite low at that distance. Also, the player defusing will most likely think that the opponent is holding 'Pit' giving you an advantage if in case you decide not to Molotov, sort of like a backup plan.

Yes, like any other plan, this can be taken care of with a simple smoke as the player holding 'A-Long' will have no vision of the enemy player. So either they would have to spam or just walk away and save their weapon.

However, this lineup is still pretty useful in certain situations and surely a boon for those players that get jittery in clutch situations or might not be confident of peeking their opponents.

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