CS:GO Players Execute A Five Man Runboost On Nuke


[Watch] CS:GO Players Execute a Mind-Blowing Five Man Runboost on Nuke

A tsunami of CS:GO players!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A groups of CS:GO players pulled off a mind boggling five man runboost on Nuke.
This particular runboost requires a lot of patience, practice, and timing in order to pull it off flawlessly.

A group of CS:GO players executed the rare five-man runboost on Nuke which had the CT-sided lurker literally hiding in fear. It is not often that we see the crazy five-stack run boost in action, that too on a map like Nuke which is already quite confusing along with being slightly difficult to get your bearings straight.

However, this group of players was feeling rather frisky as they went ahead with this almost impossible runboost, pulling it off beautifully with the utmost grace and suave. They followed through with the boost for sometime, falling off upon spotting the CT lurker, who had pushed all the way to 'T Red'.

Mind-boggling five man runboost on Nuke

It is not often that we see regular matchmaking teams practice a runboost so dedicatedly, especially when it requires all five players to commit. This particular runboost on Nuke requires an extraordinary level of patience, timing, and practice in order for it to be pulled off flawlessly.

Here is a quick breakdown of how a team can go about achieving it successfully. The first player jumps on top of the one running point from above the ladders, then the second player jumps on top of those two from the 'T-Roof', and finally the last two players jump from on top of the 'Silo' one after the other to complete the five-man runboost.

Then all they need to do is synchronise their movements in such a way so as to prevent the players from falling down. This is easier said then done and mastering the maneuver is the most frustrating part of this trick.

Despite all the difficulties, this team pulled off the runboost rather flawlessly and though the CT lurker forced them to break formation earlier than expected, it was a bold move worthy of an applause.

Also, from the point of view of the lurking CT, which has been kindly added in the clip above, it is definitely one of the most horrifying experiences that a player can come across in the throes of CS:GO.

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