CS:GO Player Finds 200 IQ Smoke Lineup On Overpass, G2 Esports Responds


[Watch] CS:GO Player Finds 200 IQ Smoke Lineup on Overpass, G2 Esports Responds

Imagine sharing a smoke lineup only to receive a response from G2 Esports.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO player shares brilliant smoke lineup from 'A-Long' to 'Bridge' on Overpass.
It is a jump throw so it will probably require a bit of practice, but it has the potential to serve as a great bait.
G2 Esports responded to the user after she shared this smoke lineup.

Imagine the chances of sharing an incredible smoke lineup with the CS:GO community only to receive a response from one of the biggest esports organizations in the world. Well, something really cool recently happened with 'u/Mammawanna' when she shared a brilliant smoke lineup from 'A-Long' to 'Bridge' on Overpass. The lineup was perfect as it covered the 'Bridge' area without any gaps in it, serving as the perfect bait. To her surprise, she received a response from none other than G2 Esports who, true to its nature, was in a mood to troll.

CS:GO player shares brilliant smoke lineup on Overpass

There is always a new utility lineup just waiting to be discovered and if they are good enough, well then, they will usually go viral within the CS:GO community. However, it is very rare to come across a lineup this good that an esports organization gets compelled to respond to it.

The 200 IQ smoke lineup shared by 'u/Mammawanna' is actually brilliant and has the potential to be used as a perfect decoy to bait a rotate from the defending side.

However, being a cross site smoke that goes from 'A-Long' to 'Bridge' at B, there is a chance that the defenders might spot it as a fake. So it would require a flash assist or something of sorts to cover its fall position.

While the community was busy discussing the viability of the smoke and appreciating the effort that the user put in to discover this jump throw, it was a surprise to see G2 Esports pop up in order to appreciate the lineup.

It did it in its own style, with its star player Nikola "NiKo" Kovač also seemingly commenting on the situation. The user seeing her chance took a shot at pitching herself to G2 Esports as a potential employee, which resulted in quite a fun conversation that the community enjoyed as well.

G2 Esports responding to the CS:GO user

It is incredible to see so many dedicated community members study the game so deeply even after all these years, constantly pumping out unique content that continues to enthrall and engage us all.

As for this smoke lineup and G2 Esports' interest in it, it might definitely be something they could use right now as they are currently at the bottom of the 'Group-B' points table at the ESL Pro League Season 14.

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