CS:GO Bot Cory Takes a Clutch Ace on Inferno


[Watch] CS:GO Bot Takes a Quick Ace on Inferno

Bot Cory grinding hard to escape silver prison.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Bot Cory single-handedly takes down the entire attacking side to secure a clutch ace on Inferno.
The CS:GO bot helped the defending side win a crucial round as they were trailing by a '4-12' scoreline.
Armed with just a P90, the bot hit immaculate timing on the rotate to catch the attacking side by surprise.

CS:GO has not lost its charm as a tactical FPS title even after all these years. There is always something exciting being discovered, certain features being tweaked slightly to keep things moving, and unexpected gameplay clips going viral to provide the much-needed entertainment.

Recently a clip featuring the famous CS:GO 'Bot Cory' has left the community speechless. His lightning-fast ace on Inferno is the talk of the town, as he casually mows down the attacking side single-handedly right when they are about to enter the 'B-Site'.

Armed with a P90 submachine gun, Bot Cory casually entered the 'B-Site' from 'CT-Spawn' and opened fire without any hesitation, winning the round for his side as they trailed by eight rounds.

Bot Cory destroys the entire attacking side single-handedly on Inferno

Trailing by eight rounds, the defending side on Inferno was down '4-12' and they were in desperate need of a win. However, no one on the team could have imagined that a bot would be the one bailing them out of that tough situation, that too all alone.

Bot Cory entered the game as one of the players from the defending side disconnected. Nearing the halfway mark of the round, Cory sped towards the 'B-Site' rotating all the way from the 'CT-Spawn'. His timing was immaculate as he caught the entire attacking side right in front of him and unleashed his P90 spray on them.

While Cory took 72 points of damage to his health and another 43 points of damage to his armor, the bot made sure that he got that ace and saved his team by giving them the clutch round win.

The attacking team was definitely in shock after being smacked by Bot Cory while the defending side was ecstatic that they just got carried by a player who was not even real.

Cory was named the MVP of that round for the most number of eliminations and without taking any credits or making any noise about it, the bot simply proceeded on his way to play the next round.

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