Bot Perry Destroys GeT_RiGhT And Fl0m During CS:GO Match


[Watch] CS:GO Bot Destroys GeT_RiGhT and Fl0m During Operation Riptide Mission

CS:GO bots are bringing the heat.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A CS:GO bot went absolutely crazy, upping his skill level to wipe fl0m and GeT_RiGhT off the server with crisp one taps.
Bot Perry owned the two high-level players while they were trying to complete an Operation Riptide weekly mission.
Community members discussed how CS:GO bots tend to have a higher skill level than the regular bots during operation missions.

There are times when CS:GO bots go absolutely crazy during a match without any rhyme or reason. The community has witnessed its fair share of clips where these bots can be seen hitting no scopes, securing frags through a smoke, single-handedly winning entire rounds for their side, and even carrying their team in an online tournament.

Adding to this ever-growing list of ironic bot moments is this absolute chad move by Bot Perry, as he one taps professional CS:GO players Erik "fl0m" Flom and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund with finesse during the 'Rock The Kasbah' mission in week 4 of Operation Riptide.

Bot Perry outplays GeT_RiGhT and fl0m with crisp one taps

Two days ago on 18th October, fl0m was streaming CS:GO on Twitch along with retired Counter-Strike legend GeT_RiGhT. Together they were trying to complete the week four mission 'Rock The Kasbah', which required them to secure 20 frags with any shotgun on Sirocco in Guardian game mode.

GeT_RiGhT was having a tough time finding his rhythm, leaving fl0m to do most of the heavy lifting for the side. It was a tough start for the duo as they kept collapsing for the first two waves, but their continued efforts paid off as they finally managed to reach the third wave.

They were in a good position when Bot Perry suddenly sprang out of the corner taking fl0m completely by surprise and one tapped him. The bot followed up by taking down GeT_RiGhT with another crisp one tap, bringing the duos run to an unexpected end.

Fl0m's reaction to Bot Perry popping off like that made the whole scenario all the more hilarious. The surprise in his voice and the shock on his face showed just how bizarre the whole situation was.

What! Dude, he absolutely just bodied us bro (GeT_RiGhT). Bro, we didn't stand a chance. Don't take chances with Perry, he just one bulleted both of us.
Erik "fl0m" Flom

This is not the first time these CS:GO bots have levelled up their game all of a sudden. Also, the bots that players face during operation missions on Guardian or other game modes are a bit more nuanced in their skill set according to the players.

Players talking about the CS:GO bots difficulty

However, even by those standards what Bot Perry did to the two high-level players was absolutely ridiculous to say the least. It seems like some CS:GO bots are too good and just keep evolving with each passing day.

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