Sliker Reveals His Gambling Addiction Started With CS:GO Skins


Twitch Partner Sliker Claims Gambling Addiction Started With CS:GO Skin Betting Websites

What started with skin gambling resulted in a serious addiction!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Variety Twitch streamer, Sliker, admits that his severe gambling addiction had stemmed from betting CS:GO skins online.
Sliker said that he used to wager CS:GO skins online via gambling websites which transitioned into him betting with real money.
Sliker admitted all of this in his apology video where he also promised to eventually return all the money that he borrowed.

Popular Twitch streamer, ItsSliker, has publicly admitted to scamming multiple people including several Twitch streamers out of thousands of dollars to pay off the debts he had incurred due to his crippling gambling addiction.

An outrage sparked on 17th September across Twitter as multiple content creators, streamers, and even Twitch users came forward to share that Sliker asked them for monetary aid, while at the same time not addressing any messages related to returning the borrowed amounts.

In his apology video which released yesterday on 18th September, Sliker pointed out that his dire gambling addiction stemmed as a result of him initially betting CS:GO skins on a website and from there it moved on to wagering with real money.

Sliker admits that his gambling addiction started with betting CS:GO skins online

One of the top variety streamers on Twitch, Sliker, who dabbled in casual chatting, multiple FPS titles, and everything else, has been caught in one of the biggest Twitch scams till date.

According to Ludwig Ahgren, Sliker scammed more than a thousand individuals for more than $300,000 USD to pay off his gambling debts which seem to have mounted to a very hefty amount.

Apparently, Sliker first contacted his close friends and allies for monetary help making different excuses so that they would give him the required money. After this he started reaching out to other streamers and content creators, and when all possible options were exhausted he started targeting his own viewers.

According to Sliker, he did not intend to scam anyone but due to his severe gambling addiction the debt just kept mounting and eventually, the whole thing turned into a scam. He was unable to return any money and instead kept borrowing more of it which snowballed out of control.

Ludwig and xQc on the Sliker scam situation

The whole thing unfolded on Twitter with everyone sharing photos, screenshots, and videos of Sliker using different tactics and excuses to get money from friends and strangers alike.

As part of his apology, Sliker went on to reveal how he started developing a knack for gambling, "Ever since CS:GO, not to blame but, ever since CS:GO Lounge came out, I was my first time I went on that site and I was a fun place to be, you know gamble skins and stuff. Eventually, I found out you could gamble with money."

The streamer went on to apologize for all the actions that led him to borrowing the hard-earned money from all the individuals, promising that he would get help in the future and also return all the money that he had taken eventually.

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