Ropz Finds New Way to Perfectly Lineup CS:GO Utility as Valve Disables 'cl_showpos'

This method makes it feel as if nothing has changed at all.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve had disabled the 'cl_showpos' console command as part of its 1st February update.
This rendered multiple CS:GO utility lineups useless, especially pixel smoke lineups useless. Players were dependent on position and angle metrics in order to throw these successfully.
Ropz has found a new method to execute these difficult lineups perfectly without being dependent on 'cl_showpos', by simply tweaking the in-game X and Y sensitivities.

Valve had released an update for CS:GO on 1st February following which the 'cl_showpos' command was disabled, as developers decided to make it a cheat protected console command.

This posed problems for a lot of CS:GO players, especially the ones that used to play the role of a support, because without 'cl_showpos' their utility lineup support system was effectively shut down as they had no active information about their position or angle.

But as we all know, when one door closes another one is bound to open. This is exactly what happened when FaZe Clan's recent acquisition Robin "ropz" Kool, found a new method to perfectly lineup all utilities in CS:GO without being dependent upon 'cl_showpos'.

How to perfectly lineup any utility in CS:GO without using the 'cl_showpos' command

Valve caught the CS:GO community by surprise as it put the 'cl_showpos' console command behind cheat protection, effectively disabling it. This meant that unless 'sv-cheat' was enabled, players were not authorized to use the above command.

The 'cl_showpos' command is used by CS:GO players to determine their active position and angle, which is shown on their screens. It is constantly monitored by the players when lining up any utility during the game, especially smokes as very specific lineups are required to land them perfectly.

So when the developers decided to disable them it was certainly a moment of panic for the professional players. However, barely a week after the update came out, ropz was able to figure out a new method to perfectly lineup all utility without requiring the use of 'cl_showpos'.

Ropz, just a few days before the 'cl_showpos' command was disabled, had discovered an incredible pixel smoke lineup on Dust 2, from 'T-Spawn' to 'X Box'. It was an excellent smoke for the attacking side, taking maximum vision away from the defenders.

However, this smoke was almost impossible to land without the help of in-game coordinates as the margin of error was very minute. Taking on the challenge of finding an alternate method, ropz discovered a new way to throw difficult smokes like this one.

He simply tweaked his in-game sensitivity to pre-calculated horizontal (x) and vertical (y) values, then aligned himself with the perfect pixel coordinate and delivered the jumpthrow to execute the smoke with perfection.

This is a game changer when it comes to lining up difficult utility throws, especially smokes across various maps in CS:GO without the use of 'cl_showpos' command.

Few things to keep in mind when using sensitivity to lineup utility in CS:GO

Ropz not only found out a new method to lineup utility in CS:GO, but went the extra mile and provided the community with some handy notes to keep in mind when trying it out themselves.

  • Ropz states that the DPI (Dots Per Inch) of the mouse is irrelevant because only the in-game sensitivity determines what angle the player can precisely look at. He further adds that lower DPI will make it easier to move dot by dot, but the same is doable at any DPI, unless it is extremely high.

  • As every spawn has a different starting horizontal angle, players would constantly have to adjust their 'X-sensitivity' while keeping the 'Y-sensitivity' the same in every scenario.

  • The command for 'm_pitch' is cheat protected so players need to be wary about this and are advised by ropz to stick to 'sensitivity' and 'm_yaw' adjustments.

  • As aliases are forbidden in CS:GO, ropz suggests utilizing various keybinds for switching sensitivities. He also recommended, copy-pasting the sensitivity numbers to console from autoexec directly.

The regular smokes and utility used by professional CS:GO players are not necessarily dependent on the 'cl_showpos' command, but some pixel smokes and other complex lineups surely were.

Ropz talks about the limitation of his new lineup method

This method provided by ropz is certainly a solution to these more difficult lineups, but as admitted by the player himself it is not a viable solution anywhere else on the map.

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