ESL Warns CS:GO Players At Rio Major To Not Wear Jerseys Out in the Public


ESL Issues Travel Guidelines & Precautions to Teams Attending IEM Rio Major

Several cautionary guidelines have been provided to all the teams

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ESL has issued guidelines to all the CS:GO teams attending the IEM Rio Major 2022 amidst the ongoing political scenario in the country.
A few precautionary guidelines and measures have been provided by ESL to all the players.
ESL has advised players to not wear their team jerseys and credentials in public.

The IEM Rio Major 2022 began today (31st October) with the Challengers Stage which will continue till 3rd November. Ahead of the tournament, ESL issued a word of caution to all the teams and players traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the event amidst the current political situation in the country.

As first reported by Jaxon, ESL had advised all the teams and players to take several extra precautions before and during the tournament, with the second round of elections raising tensions across Brazil.

ESL issued precautionary measures to all teams attending the IEM Rio Major 2022

All the teams traveling to Brazil for the CS:GO Major were given a set of guidelines to follow so that they are able to avoid problems during the highly volatile political situation engulfing the country.

As per the leaked 'Security Principles' that were handed to all the teams, the ESL advised the teams to be careful and take care of themselves by adhering to the following rules:

  • Teams were advised to store all their valuables in the hotel safes provided.

  • They were told to be as discreet as possible when out and about in public by not flaunting jerseys and credentials.

  • Teams and players were advised not to wear anything expensive when out in public.

  • They were asked to do their research before visiting any place.

  • Teams and players were asked to strictly avoid joining any public demonstrations.

  • They were also told to act smart when confronted with a dangerous or sensitive situation.

Guidelines provided by ESL for teams attending IEM Rio Major 2022

While the tournament kicked off today on schedule without any issue, ESL had provided an additional recommendation to all teams regarding 30th October, which was the official election day. It advised players "to not leave official premises and stay within the hotel and media day location as a safety precaution."

Commenting on the guidelines issued to teams and players on a Reddit thread, Senior Vice President (SVP) Game Ecosystems at ESL Ulrich Schulze said it was a fairly standard procedure. He added, "Just like any government giving travel advice to its citizens, our job as tournament organizer includes briefing the players on what to take into consideration in the place where the tournament happens, what to do and what not to do."

With all the security measures in place, IEM Rio Major 2022 is set to take place over the course of next two weeks where the next world champions of CS:GO would be crowned in front of a roaring audience.

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