OG CS:GO Coach Differs Between Degster And Mantuu


OG CS:GO Coach Ruggah Explains How Degster Is Different From Mantuu

The current AWPer vs the former AWPer.

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Ruggah, CS:GO coach of OG, explains how degster and mantuu are different from each other as an AWPer.
He states that degster is a really aggressive AWPer and the team is trying to inculcate that in its overall gameplay.
He also said that mantuu was majorly played as a controller in OG because of his good decision making and skill with a rifle.

OG with its new AWPer, Abdulkhalik "degster" Gasanov, has not fared well in the opening group stage of BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022. After two consecutive loses, they finally managed to win against Complexity Gaming in the opening match of the quarterfinals stage, degster leading the team from the front.

In a recent interview with HLTV, OG's CS:GO head coach Casper "ruggah" Due pointed out the difference between OG's new signing and Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski, and why the team decided to go ahead with this change.

Ruggah points out the difference between current and former AWPer for OG - Degster and Mantuu

ruggah admits that degster is more aggressive with the AWP than mantuu. The change in tempo provided by the aggressive AWPer is something that OG is actively trying to inculcate in its overall gameplay, so that all the players are comfortable by being on the same page.

Degster on qualifying for EU RMR 2022 with OG

Ruggah also clarified that it was not that mantuu was not aggressive enough, but due to the team's structure at that point in time, "he was controlling a lot in our game."

Expanding further on this point the OG coach states that mantuu felt the most comfortable while playing under Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen, as he helped him setup a lot of his moves.

But the reason behind OG opting to make him more controlling was because of his good decision-making skill, which was in line with its system where everyone on the team felt more comfortable. Another thing that gave him an advantage in a holding capacity was his skill with a rifle, giving him a definite edge in this role.

The team just wanted to try playing with a different type of AWPer and the opportunity was just right to get degster onboard.

OG has won its semifinal match against FaZe Clan in the gauntlet stage of the BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 and will be competing against Astralis tomorrow in the finals. After a rough start, the team is slowly finding its way in this tournament and it will surely be exciting to see how they go on to perform in the year ahead.

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