MIBR Signs JOTA Expanding To A Nine-Man CS:GO Lineup


MIBR Expands to Nine-Man CS:GO Roster, to Undergo Trials for 2022 Lineup

The Brazilian organization adds another player to its expanding CS:GO roster.

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MIBR signs 23-year-old JOTA to expand its CS:GO team to a nine man lineup.
The Bravos Gaming trio of JOTA, WOOD7, Tuurtle has united once again under the MIBR banner.
MIBR will be trying out different options to finalize their composition for the 2022 competitive season.

Brazilian esports organization MIBR has expanded its CS:GO team to a nine-man lineup with the signing of Jhonatan "JOTA" Willian. This comes just a couple of weeks after MIBR acquired both Adriano "WOOD7" Cerato and Matheus "Tuurtle" Anhaia from Bravos Gaming. The new members were added to the active roster following the benching of Gustavo "yel" Knittel and Bruno "shz" Martinelli.

With eight CS:GO players currently signed by MIBR, the organization has a lot of options to try out for the next few months before coming up with their composition for the 2022 competitive season.

This comes after MIBR failed to qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, placing second on the RMR 2021: South America leaderboard with a difference of just 101 points between MIBR and Sharks Sports.

MIBR signs JOTA to expand to a nine-man CS:GO roster

The Brazilian organization now has eight players on its CS:GO team, with the recent signing of the 23-year-old player JOTA. Over the next few months JOTA will be tested by MIBR. This marks the reunion of the Bravos Gaming trio consisting of JOTA, Tuurtle, and WOOD7.

Statement from JOTA on joining MIBR

MIBR underwent a roster shuffle following their third-place finish at the recently concluded IEM Fall 2021: South America, losing both their matches to Sharks Esports by a clean '2-0' scoreline. The poor performance resulted in MIBR failing to qualify for the upcoming CS:GO Major, which was a huge blow to the organization's name and reputation.

Almost immediately yel and shz were removed from the active roster and placed on the team's bench. With Marcelo "⁠chelo⁠" Cespedes unable to travel due to unknown reasons, MIBR went on to participate in three more CS:GO tournaments with the following composition:

  • Ricardo "boltz" Prass

  • Raphael "exit" Lacerda

  • Adriano "WOOD7" Cerato (IGL)

  • Matheus "Tuurtle" Anhaia

  • Breno "⁠brnz4n⁠" Poletto

Though MIBR did not win anything as the roster was put together very recently, the organization seemed content participating in the tournaments alongside just trying out their new composition.

Having caught a bit of a break, MIBR is going ahead with a structured plan. They have signed JOTA to complete the Bravos trio, brnz4n⁠ has returned to Brazil to complete his high school studies ahead of the team's bootcamp in Mexico for the next season of ESEA Advanced North America, and there are a few benched players who can be swapped in as required.

The current MIBR CS:GO roster is as follows, with the organization looking to try out their options along with finally establishing their lineup for the 2022 season.

  • Ricardo "⁠boltz⁠" Prass

  • Raphael "⁠exit⁠" Lacerda

  • Matheus "⁠Tuurtle⁠" Anhaia

  • Adriano "⁠WOOD7⁠" Cerato (IGL)

  • Jhonatan "⁠JOTA⁠" Willian

  • Marcelo "⁠chelo⁠" Cespedes

  • Breno "⁠brnz4n⁠" Poletto (MIBR Academy)

  • Alessandro "⁠Apoka⁠" Marcucci (Coach)

  • Bruno "⁠shz⁠" Martinelli (Bencehd)

  • Gustavo "⁠yel⁠" Knittel (Benched - IGL)

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