K0nfig Likely To Make CS:GO Return In 2 Weeks


K0nfig Likely to Make CS:GO Return in 2 Weeks, Injured Wrist Almost Recovered

The Complexity rifler is almost ready to make his comeback!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Danish rifler k0nfig to likely make a comeback to CS:GO in two weeks time.
In an update from his occupational therapist, k0nfig was told that his right wrist is now only about 5% worse than his left.
His right wrist will probably recover completely within the next two weeks, after undergoing three different exercises.

The Complexity Gaming star rifler Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke might soon be back in action. The 24-year-old who has been temporarily replaced by Marcelo "coldzera" David has said that his recovery is going well and that his injured right wrist is now only about 5% worse than his left. Giving a probable timeline on his complete recovery, k0nfig revealed that two weeks of three different exercises is all that is required for his wrist to heal properly.

Since his wrist injury in August the Dane has already missed out on three CS:GO tournaments - ESL Pro League Season 14, BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021, and IEM Fall 2021: Europe.

K0nfig to likely return to CS:GO after two weeks

The talented entry fragger injured himself just a few days before Complexity was supposed to compete at ESL Pro League Season 14, forcing the organization to make a last-minute change while he underwent surgery to fix his broken and dislocated right wrist.

After the surgery k0nfig had to wear a cast for about a month, further missing out on BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021 and IEM Fall 2021: Europe. He gave a positive update when the cast came off a few weeks back, saying that the mobility of his wrists was surprisingly good and that he did not feel any pain.

Earlier update by k0nfig on the recovery of his injured wrist

In his most recent update, k0nfig has dropped a huge hint about returning back to the scene quite soon, which should probably be in about two weeks time. As per his occupational therapist, his right wrist is only 5% worse than his left, and that two more weeks of three different exercises is all that is required for his complete recovery.

During his absence from Complexity, two players have replaced him on the roster, Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen followed by coldzera, who is currently competing with the team at IEM Fall 2021: Europe. Also, reports have started circulating about Astralis waiting for k0nfig's contract to expire so that they may sign him for their future Danish roster.

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