Nicoodoz, RoeJ Salary Hike In Fnatic From CPHF


Former CPHF CS:GO Coach Talks About Nicoodoz, RoeJ Salary Hike in Fnatic

The talented Danish duo getting a much deserved raise!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Former Copenhagen Flames (CPHF) CS:GO coach, vorborg, recently spoke about nicoodoz and roeJ's salary hike after moving to Fnatic.
The Danish duo were picked up by Fnatic after CPHF's incredible performance at PGL Antwerp Major 2022.
Vorborg also said that the CPHF players wanted to move to Complexity Gaming last year as they have a permanent slot in ESL and BLAST franchise CS:GO leagues.

Over the course of the last few years, Copenhagen Flames (CPHF) has shown what a small club with a talented set of CS:GO players can do in the top-tier of the competitive circuit, which is mostly packed with big esports organizations.

Complexity Gaming turned down the deal to sign the entire CPHF roster ahead of the current season, which seems like a blunder considering their performance with the current roster. The players then decided to continue competing under CPHF itself at that time.

Former CPHF coach, Daniel "vorborg" Vorborg, in a recent interview revealed that just to keep the lineup around they had to pay the players three times their salary which was just not possible. This is why they had to search for new homes for all the players, further talking about Nico "nicoodoz" Tamjid and Fredrik "roeJ" Jørgensen's transfer to Fnatic.

Former CPHF CS:GO players Nicoodoz and RoeJ reportedly got a fivefold raise in Fnatic

Copenhagen Flames, over the last couple of years, has really shown what a CS:GO lineup with the proper structure and right composition of players can achieve on the competitive side of things.

The Danish club really caught the entire community by surprise following its Legends Stage finish at the PGL Stockholm Major 2021, further developing on this by reaching all the way to the quarterfinals of PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

Last year, Complexity Gaming may have missed out on a valuable opportunity by not going through with the deal to sign the CPHF roster ahead of the current circuit, forcing the players and organization to stick together. Now, after the team's success in Antwerp, nicoodoz and roeJ have been picked up by Fnatic as part of its roster overhaul.

Statement by roeJ after leaving CPHF and joining Fnatic

Talking about this in a recent interview, vorborg said "At Fnatic, nicoodoz and roeJ's salary has increased fivefold. In addition, their new organization has a slot in the ESL Pro League, which is very important."

This is huge for the Danish duo who despite achieving great results along with the other players were content on taking a pay cut and making necessary sacrifices due to the unavailability of proper offers.

Vorborg further said, "Last year, all the players in our roster wanted to move to Complexity, largely due to the fact that this club has a permanent place in the ESL and BLAST franchise leagues," something that would have worked out really well for both the parties.

For now, the remaining three CPHF players have been transfer-listed with the organization doing everything possible to find them a new home, while the club itself is revamping its CS:GO roster by signing new players and preparing the next set of polished Danish talent.

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