ESIC Rolls Out Transparency Initiative, To Provide Update On Certain Cases


ESIC Rolls Out New Initiative to Improve Transparency

ESIC has taken steps to be more transparent about their work.

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ESIC has rolled out a four-phase process to implement something called 'Transparency Initiative'.
This initiative has been launched to better showcase what investigations are being carried out by ESIC, their current status, and outcomes.
The first phase is now live under 'Matters Register' which keeps track of all the open and active investigations that are currently ongoing.

Esports Integrity Commission has rolled out something called as 'Transparency Initiative' to better showcase what investigations are being carried out by them and their outcomes. For this, ESIC has added a new section on their website called 'Matters Register', which keeps track of all the open and active investigations that are currently ongoing. This is just the first step under the initiative in order to keep things more transparent, with three more steps planned to be rolled out in the next few months. All the four investigations currently being carried out by ESIC have been added to this section.

ESIC launches an initiative to improve transparency

ESIC has come forward with a four-step plan under their 'Transparency Initiative' to improve the visibility of their ongoing investigative cases, while also maintaining a library of all their outcomes.

Stage - 1

The first of their four-step plan is now live as ESIC launches Matters Register, a centralised hub for reporting updates on declassified public matter and status of ongoing active investigations.

Active cases that have been categorised under this section by ESIC are,

Under this section, the following details about all the ongoing investigations will be highlighted,

  • Matter Name

  • Matter Open Date

  • Status of Matter

  • Number of Updates Publicly Available

  • Date of Last Update

  • A ‘View’ link for in-depth detail about the case.


This will observe the rolling out of public sanctions registry which will be nothing but a recording of all the sanctions handed down by the ESIC. It is planned to be implemented by October.


In order to prevent the hassle of providing constant public statements and an update on every matter, ESIC will add the Public Appeals Registry where details of all the appeals received by the Independent Appeals Panel will be kept along with their status. Even this has been planned to be implemented by October.


This will observe the addition of a section where visitors can access the written decisions of the Independent Appeals Panel. It is estimated to be added by November.

Apart from this ESIC is about to give updates on both the investigation related to HUNDEN and the one regarding match-fixing in North America on 25th and 23rd Augsut, respectively.

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