ElectroNic Explains Why He Could Not Hear Twistzz Drop Sound


ElectroNic Explains Why He Could Not Hear Twistzz Drop Sound at IEM Cologne

Genuine reason or just a flimsy ploy?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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ElectroNic explained why he failed to hear the crucial drop sound made by Twistzz on Nuke during IEM Cologne 2022.
The 23-year-old blamed the crowd noise made by the spectators present at the LANXESS Arena for the tragedy.
He dismissed the idea of FaZe intentionally masking the drop audio cue with a flashbang.

The grand final of IEM Cologne 2022 was one of the best series ever played in CS:GO as NAVI and FaZe Clan went neck-to-neck against each other till the last few rounds of the final map.

With the best-of-five series tied at '2-2' and the two teams having levelled the scores at '14-14' on Nuke, Denis "electroNic" Sharipov allegedly committed a crucial mistake by not hearing Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken drop on top of 'A-Main' from 'Silo', having secured an aggressive position himself to catch the attacking side off-guard.

This moment resulted in the ultimate downfall of NAVI with many in the community questioning as to how electroNic was not able to hear Twistzz's drop audio.

In a recent interview with a popular Russian YouTuber, Evgeniy Rise, the 23-year-old explained the reason behind him not being able to hear the sound cue due to which he was unable to react in the situation and NAVI ended conceding a clutch round to FaZe.

ElectroNic explains why he failed to hear the crucial sound cue at IEM Cologne 2022

During an interview with famous Russian YouTuber, Evgeniy Rise, on 19th July, electroNic reasoned that it was due to all the noise being made by the crowd present at the LANXESS Arena that caused him to not hear the sound made by Twistzz when dropping from 'Silo' to the roof of 'A-Main'.

This moment ultimately led to NAVI's defeat in one of the closest best-of-five CS:GO grand finals, which lasted for about eight hours as the two teams exchanged 148 rounds between them.

Upon being asked by Rise about what happened on Nuke when the score was '14-14' between the two teams and Twistzz was rushing through 'A-Main' for the second round in a row, electroNic responded by saying that "There was a lot of noise, I didn't hear that sound in my headphones at all."

This was followed by another inquiry from Rise about the possibility of FaZe setting the drop in such a way that its sound cue was intentionally masked by the flashbang it followed.

Not too amused by this idea, electroNic dismissed it half-heartedly by saying "I think it's a coincidence, to be honest."

This means that though he does not think that masking the sound made by Twistzz with the flashbang was something that FaZe had intended to execute, it could have just been a coincidence.

NAVI finished second at IEM Cologne 2022

If this was actually the case, then NAVI was tragically low on luck to have lost such a tight series in this manner. However, all said and done the viewership record-breaking grand final was a spectacle worth every second.

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