Degster On OG Performance At ESL Challenger Melbourne


Degster Comments on OG Crashing Out of ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022

Lack of preparation or chinks in the armor?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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OG delivered a disappointing performance at the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 which resulted in a group stage elimination.
Reflecting on its performance, Degster in a recent interview revealed that the team underwent no preparations coming into the tournament.
Degster also spoke about the team shifting its complete focus towards the upcoming Europe RMR.

The revamped OG roster started out with a bang after the summer player break, successfully making its way through to the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022. This is why it was all the more shocking when OG failed to make its way past the group stage of ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022, faltering against the Chinese esports organization - Wings Up Gaming.

Talking about the team's dismal performance and the way it crashed out, Abdulkhalik "degster" Gasanov, revealed that the team did not have any preparation in the week leading up to the event in Melbourne, during an interview with Snowball Esports.

Degster reflects on OG's unexpected failure at ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022

OG was the highest ranked CS:GO team competing at this tournament and the favorite to walk away as the victor. The team started off with a win against Wings Up Gaming only to lose against Entropiq, but no one considered this as an upset because it was playing a best-of-one series.

However, the clean sweep by Wings Up Gaming was something that no one saw coming and it hit OG like a truck. OG was eliminated from the tournament, not even making its way through the group stage.

Wings Up Gaming clean sweep OG

"We lost it because we didn’t hit shots or communicate on our level," said degster while reflecting on their performance, going on to reveal that in the week leading up to the tournament they did not practice, "I’m not going to lie here, we (OG) didn’t have any preparation for the tournament."

He praised Wings Up Gaming for their performance, "I think every single time when you play against a Chinese team it’s always something different, and we (need) to understand that they are not going to play our style of CS."

This is certainly a huge setback for the team who had just built up a lot of confidence from its victory at BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022.

But the focus has now completely shifted towards the upcoming IEM Rio Major 2022: Europe RMR B for which the team still has some time to rest and then work ahead.

"I will put in as much work as I can, and we will make sure that we will play in our style and win every game,” said Degster, whose aim at this point in time is to qualify for a Major rather than winning one.

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