Valve Drops CS:GO Update: Complete Information


CS:GO Update Reduces M4A1-S Magazine Size, Major Changes to Ancient, More

Valve has updated Ancient, does this make it 'DE_MODERN' now...?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve has dropped an update for CS:GO where the M4A1-S has finally been nerfed along with changes for multiple maps.
The magazine capacity of M4A1-S has been reduced from 25 to 20 bullet, while the reserve has increased from 75 to 80 bullets.
Multiple changes have been made to the 'Cave' area in Ancient, along with updates to both the planting sites.

Valve has released an update for CS:GO which includes a number of changes for various maps like Ancient, Inferno, Vertigo, Cache, and Vineyard. The update has also reduced the magazine size of the popular M4A1-S down to just 20 bullets.

Talking about the weapon change, this was a long time coming following a surge in the usage of M4A1-S across the community, across casual and professional play. The rifle had proved to be more potent than its alternative, M4A4, while almost matching the lethality of the AK-47 at long range.

Also, Ancient is finally getting a solid overhaul with a number of changes being made to the map, maybe the attacking side will be able to plant on the 'A-Site' with a better success rate.

Valve rolls out CS:GO update introducing changes to the M4A1-S and several maps

The developers have nerfed the popular rifle of choice for the CT-sided players in CS:GO, M4A1-S. Instead of increasing its price or decreasing its outgoing damage to the body, which had been buffed in September 2021, the weapon's magazine size has been reduced to accommodate just 20 bullets instead of 25 bullets, with 80 more in the reserve instead of 75.

This means that a player will be able to reload the entire magazine four times, which is more than enough, but during a rush or a long-range skirmish the player could come under pressure as the bullets might run out sooner than expected.

CS:GO nerfs M4A1-S

Apart from this, a number of changes have been introduced to the popular decider game map pick, Ancient, in order to make it a bit more viable and fair for both the attacking and defending sides. The changes have mainly been introduced to the area in and around 'Cave', along with both the sites.

  1. Remove crate stack outside of “cave” location.

  2. Fixed pixelgap from inside “cave” towards T mid.

  3. Fixed ground clipping bugs in mid causing players to go slightly airborne.

  4. Smoothed out ground outside of “cave” down towards B ramp.

  5. Blocked archeological dig inside of “cave”.

  6. Smoothed out corners in “donut” room.

  7. Added additional cover near pillar on B.

  8. Blocked one sidepath exit towards A site, widened remaining exit.

  9. Fixed some visual glitches when looking out towards mid from “donut” room.

  10. Reduced wallbang damage through scaffolding at B site.

  11. Boosted light emitted from candles/lanterns.

Other maps that have undergone changes include Inferno, Vertigo, Cache, and Vineyard. The changes are as follows:


  • Increased bomb explosion damage from 500 to 620.


  • Another attempt at fixing molly through floor bug at mid.

  • Removed a position by ramp corner.


  • Fixed an exploit.


  • Performance and stability improvements.

  • Ivy now sways in the wind.

  • Fixed displacement vphysics issues.

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