Operation Riptide CS:GO Week 2 And 3 Missions Leaked

CS:GO Operation Riptide: Week 2 and 3 Missions Leaked

Here is what the upcoming Operation Riptide weekly missions look like.

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Valve released Operation Riptide last week which introduced huge gameplay changes along with new skins and cosmetics.
While information about the week one CS:GO missions are known, details about week two and three missions have also been leaked now.
Week 2 will be offering four missions with a total of eight stars as rewards, while Week 3 will be offering four missions with a total of ten stars as rewards.

Valve recently dropped the eleventh CS:GO operation after hyping it up through multiple cryptic tweets, Operation Riptide. The update also introduced huge gameplay changes which have been touted as being meta defining. New skins and cosmetics were also added along with the operation battlepass. The new skins and cosmetics can be obtained by spending stars. Players need to complete weekly missions to get their hands on these stars, which essentially serve as reward points.

Information about the week one CS:GO missions has already been revealed, scheduled to run from 21st to 28th September. It consists of six missions with a total of 13 stars up for grabs as rewards.

Thanks to ‘u/BeepIsla’ we have now received leaked information about the CS:GO week two and three missions as well. Complete details have been provided below.

Operation Riptide: Leaked CS:GO Weekly Missions

Week - 2

The next set of CS:GO weekly missions are all set to release on 28th September, 20:00 GMT (29th September, 01:30 IST). The week two missions titled 'Seal The Deal' will be running from 28th September to 5th October, featuring four missions that offer players a chance to earn a total of eight stars.

Operation Riptide - Week 2 CS:GO Missions

Week - 3

The third set of CS:GO weekly missions will be releasing on 5th October, 20:00 GMT (6th October, 01:30 IST). The week three missions titled 'Surf's Up' will be running from 5th September to 12th October, featuring four missions that offer players a chance to earn a total of 10 stars.

Operation Riptide - Week 3 CS:GO Missions

The fourth mission 'Wipeout' is a bit different from the usual 'apply damage' or 'secure a certain number of frags' type of missions, as players would be required to spray graffitis in different locations around Dust 2 in the Casual game mode.

The players might be excited to find out what lies ahead for them in the week two and three missions, the number of stars that they will be obtaining from them, and other such details.

But, there was also a bit of dissapointment as players found out that there was no co-op mission this time around, at least not in the first few weeks of Operation Riptide.

The story mission where players could tag along with a partner to complete multiple objectives had been a staple first week mission in the last two operations, Broken Fang and Shattered Web. However, this has not been the case this time around.

Maybe the developers have something similar planned for later on, but there is no concrete evidence about it at the moment. It will be interesting to see what else Operation Riptide has to offer in the coming weeks!

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