CS:GO Community Upset As Valve Releases Old Workshop Content In 2021 Sticker Capsule


CS:GO Community Upset as Valve Releases Old Workshop Content in 2021 Sticker Capsule

Some of these are more than five years old!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO community is upset with Valve for adding old Community Workshop content to the latest 2021 Community Sticker Capsule.
One paper sticker was found out to be from 2016 while another Holo sticker is seven years old as revealed by the creator himself.
A similar practice by Valve was reported by the Dota 2 community also when it came to the Fall 2021 Seasonal Treasure, which are apparently from 2014.

Valve released the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule earlier today on 10th September, featuring a total of 21 unique CS:GO stickers from various Community Workshop artists. The Sticker Capsule consists of 12 Paper stickers, six Holo stickers, and three Foil stickers, which are all really interesting and look fantastic.

It did receive a big response from the CS:GO community as well, but it was not a positive one. The problem was not with the design or the stickers themselves, for which the community had nothing but appreciation. The majority were upset with the fact that many of the stickers were really old workshop submissions, questioning Valve as to why they were being released after all these years and not sooner.

CS:GO community upset with Valve for releasing old workshop content

Valve released a great collection of CS:GO stickers along with the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule, but the community was upset with them for having released some really old Community Workshop submissions.

The creator of the 'Handle With Care' Holo sticker, Kidboon himself came forward to reveal that his sticker was released today, seven years after he had initially submitted it to the Community Workshop. Kidboon had created and submitted the sticker back when he was in highschool, around 2014.

Handle With Care - 2021 Community CS:GO Sticker Capsule

Similarly, another community member pointed out that the 'CS20 \ Nademan' sticker was created by K A S I in 2016, which means it released about five years after it was initially submitted to the Community Workshop.

CS20 / Nademan - 2021 Community CS:GO Sticker Capsule

This was followed by the community discussing about how Valve is not active when it comes to combing through the content available on the Community Workshop, releasing it years later which to them is just lazy work and unacceptable.

Recently, Valve was called out for something similar by the Dota 2 community as well. The Fall 2021 Seasonal Treasure was found out to be composed of sets from 2014 that had not gotten approved at that point in time. The user who found this out stated that,

Turns out these item sets come from around 2014 and just never got added (to Dota 2), rotting in Community Workshop limbo, except for the courier which is a 2020 contribution, and is absolutely fine.

Valve's introduction of old workshop items has raised eyebrows in both the Dota 2 and CS:GO communities, with many in the community being disappointed with the company for this.

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