Boombl4's Mother Talks About His Love For CS:GO


Boombl4's Mom Talks About His Love for CS:GO, Effort Needed to Achieve Success

Lord Boombl4 was born to lead NAVI.

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Boombl4's mother had a lot to say about his love for the game and spoke about his initial days when he just got introduced to CS:GO.
She also goes on to speak about the effort required to achieve serious success in esports.
Boombl4 is the only IGL (In-Game Leader) for NAVI that has led them to a Major victory, that too without dropping a single map.

Natus Vincere (NAVI) has finally won a CS:GO Major after having attended all the previous 16 Major tournaments, and made history along the way by going undefeated on their path to lifting the trophy. Leading this team was none other than Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov, who was not only the shotcaller for the side but also played a strong game with the rifle.

Proud of what he has achieved, Boombl4's mother Olesya Mikhaylov congratulated the entire NAVI team for winning the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 while also speaking about her son's love for the Valve shooter. In an interview with Russian outlet, she revealed how Boombl4 got addicted to the game at a young age and spoke about the effort required to achieve serious success.

Boombl4's mother talks about how he started playing CS:GO

There was a time when the current Major champion who the community now refers to as, Lord Boombl4, was a regular player getting hooked to CS:GO and grinding to improve himself. Talking about those times, Mikhaylov reveals the love young Boombl4 had towards the game since the time he started playing it during his teenage years.

Kirill (Boombl4) was a little teenager who refused to do his homework and completely immersed himself in playing CS: GO. This is his love since childhood, he was probably born to play it. I'm not surprised to see what he has achieved. This is what he worked towards day and night - sitting at his computer, to have fun.
Olesya Mikhailova - Interview with

She went on to reveal that it was not easy to see Boombl4 follow this pattern every day, it used to greatly concern her as she was afraid that he might get expelled from his school.

However, nothing of that sort happened as Boombl4 was efficient at managing his workload and did not let CS:GO prevent him from performing well at school.

He studied very well, his memory saved him as he remembers everything very well. I saw that my son was enjoying, and I accepted it!
Olesya Mikhailova - Interview with
NAVI - PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Champions

Speaking about the grind required to excel in esports, Mikhaylov shared how Boombl4 used to play CS:GO night and day which is probably why he is at this stage today.

It takes a lot of time and diligence to achieve serious success in esports. It's hard work, despite having some gifted qualities, a lot of work is needed along with a desire for victory instead of money.
Olesya Mikhailova - Interview with

Boombl4 is the first NAVI in-game leader to win a CS:GO Major for the esports organization. He has marked their name in history as the only team to do so without dropping a single map.

It will be interesting to see how NAVI end their year from here on out, as a few big tournaments are still scheduled to take place.

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