[Watch] Gla1ve Takes the First Deagle Ace on New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient

[Watch] Gla1ve Takes the First Deagle Ace on New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Astralis captain gla1ve secures the firs-ever ace with a Deagle on the new competitive CS:GO map Ancient.
  • He took an insane 1v3 clutch ace with the Deagle as he managed to survive on just 7 HP.

The Danish leader Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander was on fire tonight, trying his best to win the single-game series for Astralis against FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) at the currently ongoing IEM Summer 2021. Trailing by an ‘8-3’ scoreline, Astralis found it extremely hard to compete on the new CS:GO map Ancient. While the Danes were finding it hard to find their footing, FPX playing T-side were busy extending their lead. Facing a five-round deficit, gla1ve suddenly came alive in the 12th round as he took an insane 7 HP Deagle ace but could not defuse in time which resulted in a round loss. However, gla1ve was able to secure the first-ever ace on Ancient in the competitive circuit.

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Gla1ve Secures an Insane 7 HP Deagle Ace

The Astralis captain gla1ve went all out tonight against FPX, registering a total of 24 kills with a K/D differential of +4. He was the only Danish player to end with a positive overall rating tonight, as Astralis was handed a rough ‘16-7’ defeat on Ancient. 

Astralis was surely not prepared for what FPX hit them with, as they ran away with the match pretty quick, especially towards the end when they won six consecutive rounds to close the match with a dominating victory. 

But despite the stellar performance, the highlight of the match was stolen by gla1ve who went berserk with a Deagle, hitting heads with pinpoint accuracy and securing the first-ever ace on Ancient in the competitive scene.

From the clip above you can see that gla1ve did not have the perfect start with the sidearm, whiffing a lot of shots during the start as he secured to kills but dropped down to 35 points of health in the process. He goes on to take a considerable amount of damage through the Molotov but manages to escape in 7 HP.

From here on out, gla1ve goes hard knocking down 3 heads in 3 consecutive shots to complete his stunning ace. Unfortunately, he barely misses out on the defuse by less than a second as Astralis lose the round, but that insane effort from gla1ve was truly something special.

The loss resulted in Astralis dropping down to the lower bracket, where they have since managed to defeat the North American roster of Extra Salt with a ‘2-0’ scoreline to keep their run in the tournament alive and kicking.

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