Iconic Video Game Bomberman Recreated for CS:GO Using Source Engine

Iconic Video Game Bomberman Recreated for CS:GO Using Source Engine

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The iconic video game Bomberman is being recreated for CS:GO using the Source Engine.
  • It is being developed by the popular French CS:GO content creator 'ZooL Smith' and will soon be available in the Steam Workshop.
  • The core gameplay and objective of the game remain same, but the game is now in 3D with a first-person POV.

Everyone might be familiar with the iconic video game ‘Bomberman’ which was a tabletop strategic, maze-based, multi-platform game. Well, it is currently being recreated for CS:GO by the popular French Counter-Strike content creator ‘ZooL Smith’. Bomberman for CS:GO has been remade using the Source Engine and an early game trailer released by the developer shows that it has been transformed into a 3D game. The objective and gameplay are exactly the same, however, the POV (Point of View) of the player seems to have shifted to a first-person perspective. The unique CS:GO mod is still under development, but will soon be released on the Steam Workshop.

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Bomberman recreated for CS:GO using Source Engine

Every 90’s kid will surely remember this popular video game called Bomberman where players had to strategically place bombs, carefully making their way through a maze, to find a key and proceed on to the level. The iconic video game has now been successfully recreated in CS:GO using the Source Engine and will soon be available to download for free from the Steam Workshop.

According to the developer of the game, ZooL Smith, “all the gameplay features are there already,” and the only things that remain are HUB and configuration area, following which the map will be released for the CS:GO community to enjoy.

The news about Bomberman being recreated for CS:GO was positively received by the Counter-Strike community, who appreciated ZooL’s effort to create such a wonderful remake that is bound to trigger a lot of nostalgia.

From the looks of the short trailer released, players will have an option to select various game parameters like different types of arenas and various user configurations. After having made their selections, players need to walk through a door after which they will automatically spawn in the middle of a maze.

The gameplay and objective of Bomberman in CS:GO remains the same as the original., However, it may take some time to get used to the 3D aspect of the game which is absent in the original. Players will place grenades and try to get out of its path before it blows up, slowly making their way through the maze while coming across a few enemy players and a lot of powerups.

In recent times a lot of unique CS:GO custom maps have been released by various users for the CS:GO community. The most amazing one was porting ‘Among Us’ over to the Source Engine and making it possible to play the game on special maps in 3D with a first-person perspective. Bomberman for CS:GO seems to have been inspired by this and it will be interesting to see how well it does following its release.

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