Depth Esports Kick CS:GO Team for Being Extremely Toxic and Racist

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 09 Feb 2021, 09:07 AM
  • Multiple upcoming North American CS:GO players were removed from the FPL Circuit due to continued toxic and racist behavior.
  • These behavioral issues has resulted in Depth Esports releasing their entire CS:GO roster which consisted of several of these accused players.
  • Team Liquid rifler EliGE highlighted this issue which helped in bringing forth tons of evidence against them.

North American esports organization Depth Esports has released their CS:GO team for being extremely toxic and racist to other players competing in the FACEIT Pro League (FPL). The North American CS:GO community brought to light a lot of evidence against some of the former Depth Esports’ players following Liquid rifler Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski’s statement where he labelled them as, “Some of the most toxic, racist people I’ve ever come across in my life in pugs.” FACEIT was also informed about the same and Amir - Product Lead for FPL Circuit NA has taken immediate action against all accused, removing them from the FPL Circuit “with no foreseeable re-admission”.

The North American CS:GO players released by Depth Esports are as follows,

  • Ethan “reck” Serrano
  • Shane “shane” Dressler [Removed from FPL Circuit]
  • Derek “dare” Brown [Removed from FPL Circuit]
  • Wyatt “snav” Phillippi [Removed from FPL Circuit]
  • Kyle “KEL” Murray

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Depth Esports release CS:GO team for repeated toxic and racist behavior

According to the reports coming through the CS:GO community, few members of the Depth Esports lineup were being extremely toxic and racist since a long time while competing in the North American FPL Circuit. EliGE along with his statement even attached a few screenshots of these players being toxic to different members of the FPL Circuit.

Amir who is the Product Lead for FPL Circuit NA came forth with a statement revealing that,

  • FPL had been receiving several reports against shane, dare, snav, and havok for being toxic towards other members since September 2020. But as they struggled to find evidence “in an FPL environment or similar” they were not able to take any solid action against them.

  • When members who reported them were requested to send screenshots of the incident or any other evidence, “no one would provide any”. This is why FACEIT could not take immediate action against them.

  • Acknowledging what EliGE did by coming out publicly with a statement against these players. It helped shine a light on this particular issue and grabbed enough attention “that it became easier to find evidence of this”.

  • Accepting that it was FPL’s fault as well a decision was taken that “Moving forward we (FPL) are now going to fine-tooth comb everyone that comes into FPL, even if that means delaying how often we move people in, how long trials last, etc. We are committed to doing it right and we're not happy with how long it went without repercussion.”
Depth Esports Kick CS:GO Team for Being Extremely Toxic and Racist

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Not all the players on the Depth Esports lineup were accused of severe behavioral issues, as members of the community pointed out that Ethan “reck” Serrano did not partake in any such incident. However, Jonathan - Founder and CEO of Depth Esports said that “As far as I'm aware we had no issues with reck! But we dropped the entire team to avoid any further casualties.”

Depth Esports Kick CS:GO Team for Being Extremely Toxic and Racist

Many other players and prominent members of the CS:GO community like Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, Owen "smooya" Butterfield, David "prius" Kuntz, Ryan Friend, and more, responded to these toxic and racist NA players.

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