Finnish YouTuber Plays CS:GO With a Guitar Shaped Controller

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Finnish YouTuber and Twitch streamer plays CS:GO with a guitar shaped controller.
  • The controls on this unusual device are far apart and quite confusing.
  • While movement is not a big issue, aiming with this device is really tough.

Counter-Strike came out more than a decade ago and the game is still enjoyed thoroughly by millions of people. One of the reasons CS:GO is still in such high demand is because it is super user friendly and highly customizable, making it a content creators paradise which in turn keeps the community entertained. 

To make an already challenging game even more fun a Finnish CS:GO YouTuber ‘Vipaza’ played CS:GO with a guitar-shaped controller, one usually used to play the game ‘Guitar Hero’.

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Playing CS:GO With a Guitar Shaped Controller

Finnish YouTuber ‘Vipaza’ took a unique approach to play CS:GO as he configured the game in such a way that he could control his in-game character using a guitar-shaped controller, one which is generally used to play the game ‘Guitar Hero’.

Finnish YouTuber Plays CS:GO With a Guitar Shaped Controller

Why would someone do something like this? Well, it makes for some truly interesting content and because the user looks way too cool playing the game this way. Having said that it was not easy for ‘Vipaza’ to set everything up because according to him “It took more than an hour to set this thing up.”

He basically assigned all necessary in-game controls to his guitar-shaped controller which honestly looks like a mess. For those who have never played with such a controller, this is nothing less than a nightmare as everything is jumbled up i.e. the similar functioning keys instead of being grouped together are positioned far away from each other.

Finnish YouTuber Plays CS:GO With a Guitar Shaped Controller

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‘Vipaza’ however seemed to have a good grip on everything as he moved around pretty well, though the same cannot be said about his gameplay which was suffering quite a lot. The movement within CS:GO was pretty decent and quite smooth, especially in the hands of someone who is used to playing with this unusual device.

But aiming with the weapon, micro-adjusting your aim, and even a simple thing like switching between weapons is quite the task as can be witnessed from the gameplay. Of course, the gameplay aspect was not the highlight of this setup which was used just to create some unique content and it surely delivered on that front.

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