[Watch] Stanislaw’s Epic 1v2 Last Millisecond Clutch Defuse on Train


[Watch] Stanislaw’s Epic 1v2 Last Millisecond Clutch Defuse on Train

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Evil Geniuses underwent another intense three-game series against FURIA yesterday with a positive outcome this time around as they go on to face MIBR once again in the Grand Final of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals. Amongst multiple great plays made during the series the one that stood out the most was the incredible last-second clutch defuse by Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz.

Leading by a score of ‘13-11’ EG had already won four rounds in a row. But the 25th round on Train did not look all that promising as it appeared that their momentum was about to be broken due to a stiff resistance shown by FURIA on the ‘A-Site’.

2v5 Clutch Defuse by Stanislaw

This is when stanislaw sprang in action making his way towards the ‘A-Site’ from ‘T Connector’. Both Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato and Henrique “HEN1” Teles did not expect stanislaw to come up from behind them. This helped stanislaw catch HEN1 completely off guard as he gunned him down with any problem.

With the timer running dangerously low stanislaw did not have any other choice than to run straight down towards the C4 to stick a defuse. So he chucked a grenade where he felt KSCERATO might be holding his position followed by an incendiary on the top of the ‘Bomb Train’.

KSCERATO who was already down to the last quarter of his HP tried to escape from the top of the ‘Bomb Train’ but was caught by stanislaw who quickly gunned him down before sticking a bold defuse.

To everyone’s surprise, Stanislaw defused the C4 with only milliseconds to spare on the round timer. Somehow Stanislaw was able to play the clock right down to the very last second perfectly, winning EG a crucial round that kept them rolling ahead towards their eventual victory.

It was an incredible clutch and something that cannot be practised. Plays like these are executed on the back of experience, immense understanding of the game, and a bit of luck. Stanislaw nailed every move of his down to perfection and in some magical way, it all happened like a clockwork for him with just enough time to win it for his side.

With this victory, Evil Geniuses secured the best-of-three series ‘2-1’ as they now face MIBR once again in the grand finals later today. Though everyone was very excited to witness a rematch between the Brazilian teams especially after the heated exchange that took place on Twitter some days ago, the way EG is playing at the moment the finals are bound to be quite the matchup.

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