Blockchain Card Game Mytheria Launches Its Open Beta

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Mytheria, an blockchain based collectible card game has launched its open beta.
Currently, the Open Beta is currently available for Android and PC devices only.

Mytheria is a collectible, deck-building, trading card game based on the Binance blockchain has launched its open beta for android and PC devices. The game has a mythological premise where players are also given a chance to build a deck with NFTs and use them to compete in a player versus player (PvP) or a player versus environment (PvE) setting.

Like many of its competitors, Mytheria allows users to be a part of the governance process. For such purposes, the game uses $MYRA tokens for in-game asset trading, governance, and staking. Currently, the open beta is available for Android and PC users to test in-game features and fix the existing bugs before its full launch.

During the Open Beta, Mytheria is hosting Play to Earn events where players can sign up and compete in event matches which are held in multiple phases, each with a prize pool of 20 thousand MYRA Tokens.

What is Mytheria?

Mytheria is a play-to-earn god-dueling, turn based, collectible card game (CCG) built on the Binance blockchain which is also free-to-play (though players can build custom decks by spending money if they wish to).

The game features four "lanes" guarded by two side towers and one middle tower at the end, with each lane mostly existing as an independent board when its comes to battling. However, two lanes share one side tower each.

Mytheria towers, cards and gameplay

Players battle against each other using units that each have their own mana-cost, attack, and HP. In addition to the regular cards (Mortals), players also have a God Card that is upgradable with new abilities.

Players use these cards to battle each other and attack whatever unit is directly in front of them on the board. If a card’s HP goes down to zero, it dies and is removed from the board. In order to win the game, you will have to battle your way through the opponents’ creeps and take down the middle tower of your enemy.

However, in order to damage the middle tower you will need to bring down atleast one of the side towers.

Thus like any other CCG, the cards you bring to battle are crucial in constructing your strategy and prove to be vital to succeed in Mytheria. 40 free cards that make up the starter deck are given to the players for free, following which they can add to their collection by unlocking packs and cards just by playing the game. But players can build their own custom decks if they own their own cards (NFTs).

To build custom decks, players can buy or trade their cards from the Mytheria marketplace on Agoran.

Different game modes in Mytheria

Mytheria involves choosing a pantheon of deities. Users are given the option to choose from Greek, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian, and Vietnamese pantheon. Once users make this initial choice, there are four game modes that they can play

Player vs Environment (PvE)

This mode involves players completing infinite challenges and continuing to upgrade their God cards. The more challenges a player completes, the higher they climb on the leaderboard.

Player vs Player (PvP)

In this mode, players go head to head against each other. The only way you can win here is by being strategically superior to your opponent. Players who win their battles and remain on top of the leaderboard will earn MYRA tokens as rewards.

Battle Royale

Mytheria also offers the popular battle royale mode to its players. In this mode, seven players compete against each other and the last one standing wins and claims all the bounty.


The last mode of Mytheria is one that will interest many professional players. The best players from each region will compete in Mytheria’s global tournaments with a crowdfunded prize pool.

How to download Mytheria open beta?

Currently, Mytheria is not officially released so you can only try out the open beta version. However, this version is only available for Android and PC. Here’s how you can get started.

To download the beta version, visit the official open beta link. This will redirect you to Google Drive for the download.

Once Google Drive opens, you will be required to select your device. At the moment, you can choose from only Android and PC. Choosing Android will lead to an APK file that you have to download. On the other hand, selecting PC will lead you to a zip file that needs to be downloaded to play the open beta of Mytheria.

The download size of the game for both PCs and Android Devices is around 320 Mb.

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