Multiversity is an education-themed game on the Sandbox Metaverse and it announced its Very Important Beings NFT collection


Multiversity Announces Its “Very Important Beings” NFT Collection

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Multiversity is an education-themed game on the Sandbox Metaverse
The NFT collection of Multiversity titled "Very Important Beings" will launch on 29th July at 3 pm UTC on Sandbox Marketplace.
The NFT collection will feature important characters from the Multiversity metaverse.

Sandbox is arguably one of the most prominent projects in the Web3 segment. Sandbox is a huge metaverse where players and companies can create games and experiences for their users. These projects can range from simple art exhibitions to full-fledged Roblox-inspired games.

One of the projects on the Sandbox platform that has recently received massive recognition is Multiversity. Simply put, Multiversity is an education-themed, science-fantasy game that is currently under development on Sandbox. The rising popularity of Multiversity signifies that users are also interested in the productive, educational uses of the Metaverse and not just the gaming aspect of it.

“Very Important Beings” NFT Project by Multiversity

Much like other Web3 projects, Multiversity also plans to drop its NFT collection titled “Very Important Beings.” Inside the Multiversity metaverse, players can travel the world in search of ancient artifacts and socialize on the campus by meeting other students. The NFT collection is launching on 29th July at 3 pm UTC on the Sandbox Marketplace.

The NFT collection will feature characters from Multiversity that students will come across as they explore this metaverse. A few prominent characters in this collection are:


Often regarded as the brains of Multiversity, Orchid is one of the three legendary Founders. She is also the head of Wisdom House and is considered to be extremely intelligent.


A planetarium is essentially a model of planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies of the universe swirling around what appears to be a nova spring. Looking at it closely, users can even spot the Multiversity.


Orenda is the dean and head of Arcane Science. She is an engine that keeps the Multiversity functional. She calms the chaos around campus, nurtures students, and fights against killer moths when they get in.


Grimoire is a book of extremely powerful spells. It contains many unknown secrets and is Orenda’s personal spellbook. Grimoire is unlike any other book in the Multiversity and is known to contain portals to different dimensions.


Eve is a leading expert and professor of ancient cosmic history in Multiversity. She considers time to be an infinite loop of past present and future and believes it to be insignificant.


PAL stands for Personal Assistant Liason. PALs are friendly robots that extend their care to all the students of Multiversity.

Although Multiversity is still under development, it does promise to bring a game that is completely different from the already existing titles. The publisher Tailwind is a well-known studio famous for creating fresh and fun games for the metaverse. Users can get started by buying the NFTs but it will take some time before they get their hands on the game.

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