Mollector is an auto-combat card game built using blockchain technology with P2E mechanics


Mollector: All You Need to Know About the Auto-Combat Card Game

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Mollector is an auto-combat card game built using blockchain technology.
In Mollector metaverse, players earn $MOL token which can be used for trading, staking, and lending.
The closed beta will for Mollector will be out in Q2 2022.

Mollector is an upcoming collectible auto-combat card gamebuilt on blockchain technology. The game is based on deckbuilding, strategy, and Play-to-Earn (P2E); attracting users using in-game decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) mechanics.

Mollector is inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons world and Hearthstone, and takes place in a space fantasy setting. Players aka Mollectors will travel around an expanding game map, discovering new worlds, collect, trade, consume and upgrade their hero cards to compete against each other (PvP mode) or join forces against World Bosses (PvE mode).

In the Mollector metaverse, players can earn $MOL tokens which can be used for in-game trading, staking and lending purposes. Users can anticipate the Alpha test in Q2 2022 which will be followed by a closed beta. During this time, users can expect the Genesis NFT sale and the introduction of new features like $MOL staking.

Mollector: What we know so far

In Mollector, all cards are divided into six factions -the dragons, the elementals, the beasts, the mech, the lost and the demon. All these factions are unique and have different stats and abilities.

All users are given a chance to make their own deck consisting of five cards from these six factions by purchasing Hero Cards from the Mollector’s marketplace. Players can also personalize their cards with NFT arts of their own.

Players can also merge and mutate these cards in order to make their deck more powerful. As players continue to win, they climb positions on the leaderboard and depending upon your position, you can earn rewards. Apart from this, users can trade the cards with other players using the native token $MOL.

Another interesting mode of Mollector is the World Boss. Players join forces and try to defeat the extremely powerful World Boss. To defeat this boss, players might need to combine and mutate their cards to increase the strength of their deck.

Gameplay is simple for Molector. Players use their hero cards to attack the opponent, with the goal of destroying all of the opponent's cards. The game ends when one of the teams loses all of its cards after being destroyed by the opponent.

How to download and play Mollector?

Mollector is not out yet. So interested users will have to wait for some time before they can play this game. According to the Mollector website roadmap, the alpha test is supposed to come out in Q2 2022 which will be followed by the Closed Beta. Players who want to try this game out should try and get in on the closed beta.

Blockchain gaming elements of Mollector

Mollector Marketplace

Mollector is a game based on blockchain technology. This means that users will have total control over their in-game assets and will also be able to verify their ownership. So when the Mollector marketplace launches in Q2 2022, players will be given an option to buy and sell cards. Interested players can list their cards on the marketplace where potential buyers will buy them using the native token $MOL.

$MOL Token

Much like any other blockchain game, Mollector also has its own token called $MOL. This token is extensively used throughout the Mollector metaverse. From buying and selling cards on the marketplace to NFT lending and staking, $MOL is used everywhere. At the time of writing, $MOL token is priced at $0.003639 USD.

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