Cradles: All You Need to Know About the Subscription-Based Game

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Cradles: Origin of Species is a blockchain-based MMORPG game that is set in a time-lapsing metaverse where the environment and building get decayed over time. Certain assets can also gain additional benefits as time passes.The Cradles metaverse is open world and inspired by already popular titles like Zelda. The metaverse is divided into two main regions - the main city and the adventure zone. The main city is a safe area for users to thrive and develop. It is further divided into seven cities each with different history and legends. The adventure zone is a wild open area where users can encounter several extinct predators.

Cradles is a subscription-based game which means that users don't need to buy NFTs and can instead just buy a monthly game card to play the game. In this metaverse, users will not be charged transaction fees for peer-to-peer transactions which ensures that the in-game market remains active. Cradles has also launched a Stake In NFTs (SIN) mechanism which enables users to earn more in-game rewards. Live streamers can also ask viewers to SIN on their behalf to help them gain a competitive edge in the game.

What can you do in Cradles?

Cradles is an open-world metaverse but all the major aspects of the game are divided into five game modes. These are:

Novice Missions

These are the first missions you will encounter in Cradles. The main aim of these missions is to help you understand the basics of the game and prepare you for solo exploration. Here you will learn about weapons and crystal mechanics which will set you up for advanced parts of the game.

City Governance

These are solo missions meant for new players. The missions here are simple like finding lost dogs or helping cats down a tree. These missions are usually given by NPCs to the players. Successful completion of the missions will lead to the player being rewarded crystal and other in-game rewards.

Ecosystem Governance

Cradles is a metaverse where it is important to maintain an ecological balance. Once out in the wild, the system will recommend players to hunt down certain species to help maintain the ecological balance. Players will be massively rewarded for preserving the ecosystem.

Player vs Player (PvP)

In the open world, players can attack other players as well. Once the user defeats a certain player, a limited amount of crystals of the defeated player drops. As the user keeps on killing players, the wanted index rises. The wanted Index raises the bounty for successful players. This means that other users will be incentivized to hunt players with higher wanted index.

Player vs Environment (PvE)

In this PvE mode, players venture into the wild to kill neutral animals. These animals are highly dangerous and reward players with a huge amount of crystal when killed. It is also important to maintain an ecological balance when killing animals. If the balance is disturbed, then a bounty will be placed on the player’s head.

Homeland Defense War

Under normal circumstances, the main area and adventure zone are completely separated. However, under the influence of dark forces, apex animals might attack the main area. The users will be given the responsibility to defend their home against these animals. The successful defense will help users earn reputation and crystals.

Register for Cradles

Cradles is not out yet but interested players can register on the website right now. To do so, head on to the official website and scroll down to the end of the page. Here you will see a join cradles registration box. Now, type your email address in the text area and click on register. After successful registration, you will see a “successful registration” message.

DRPC token

The DRPC token is the official in-game currency of Cradles. It can also be used for other games on the DRepublic platform. DRPC token can be used for purchasing Cradles tickets as only players with tickets will be allowed to log into the game. Players with DRPC tokens can choose to stake or provide liquidity to earn more tokens.

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