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Galaxy Survivor: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Shivang Patel
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Galaxy Survivor is a sci-fi 3D game based on blockchain technology.
Unlike other games, Galaxy Survivor is based on the Skillup-to-Earn model.
Galaxy Survivor offers three unique game modes - Story Mode, Bounty Hunter, and World Boss.

In the last few years, we have been introduced to a lot of blockchain-based games on the Internet. Although a lot of these games claim to be fresh ideas, we have seen some that draw a lot of similarities from the already existing games. This is where Galaxy Survivor vows to be different from the rest.

Galaxy survivor is a lively sci-fi 3D game based on blockchain technology and claims to be a third-gen NFT game. Galaxy survivor is a Skillup-to-earn game that differentiates itself from the prevalent model of play-to-earn games.

What is Galaxy Survivor?

Galaxy survivor is a real-time strategy game based on blockchain technology. It allows players to enjoy an immersive 3D world and also lets them undertake missions, join battles and compete for rewards. The basic premise of Galaxy survivor includes three galactic empires that have been at war with each other. Users are given the option to join one of these empires and take their story forward from there.

What can you do in Galaxy Survivor?

The core gameplay of Galaxy Survivor is based on three different parts - battle, build and trade. On classifying further, the battle is divided into three unique game modes. These are:

PvE (Player vs Environment) Story Campaign

This game mode is unlocked when you join one of the three Galactic Empires. Any empire that you select will have three campaigns. In each campaign, there will be seven missions and ten stages. Upon reaching the final stage, players will face a final boss.

PvE Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is a time-specific mode. This means that, unlike the story campaign, this mode will not be always available. Bounty Hunter will be unlocked on specific days and if players manage to hunt the bounty, they will earn rewards.

PvE World Boss

Arguably, one of the hardest game modes which will require effort from all the players. The World Boss is a very strong Galaxy Entity that only makes an appearance on weekends for four hours. Dealing damage and landing the finishing blow would enable players to earn a lot of important materials.

How to play Galaxy Survivor

Currently, Galaxy Survivor is available to play on Android and PC. Here’s how you can get started:

Register on the Galaxy Survivor website

As of now, Galaxy Survivor is still in the initial stages. But to experience the game, it is important to register first. Head to the official Galaxy Survivor registration page and click on the ‘play now’ button. This will prompt a registration form. Fill it out using relevant information.

Select your device

Head over to the official website now and click on the play game button. This will take you to device selection. Choose from Android or PC to play the game. If you choose PC, you will be redirected to an external website to play the game. Choosing Android will lead to an APK being downloaded on your device.

Galaxy Survivor Marketplace

Like many other blockchain-based games, Galaxy Survivor uses the NFT technology to allow trading of in-game assets among players. When exploring Galaxy survivor you might come across a lot of valuable goods. To buy and sell such valuable goods, users can go to the Galaxy Survivor Marketplace. Currently, the game is still in the initial stages so you can only purchase tickets from the marketplace. These tickets allow you to purchase NFT blueprints in the INO rounds using $GLXY token

$GLXY Token

Galaxy Survivor has two main tokens in its ecosystem. These are $GLXY and $SURV. The use of both these tokens may overlap in cases but in a wider perspective, they are both different from each other. $GLXY is used to buy, sell or hire NFTs on the marketplace. Apart from that it can also be used to purchase a Limited Box or pay for the in-game special events. Users can also stake $GLXY to receive rewards and it can also be used to provide liquidity for the trading pairs.

$SURV Token

$SURV is a utility token that has many uses in the world of Galaxy Survivor. $SURV can be used for Marketplace Box Sale and trading. This allows users to get equipment and skill gems. $SURV can also be used to repair and upgrade spaceships and pay for other crafting materials or blueprint fragments.

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