Brawlstars | Supercell announces World Championships with a 250k USD prize pool

Shounak Sengupta
14/Aug/2019 09:38 am

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Supercell have announced the Brawlstars World Championships 2019 which will take place in South Korea in November and features a prize pool of 250,000 USD. The competition will involve Open and Regional qualifiers allowing teams to qualify for the main event. Here’s how it works: 

Stage 1: Open Online Qualifiers will take place in the months of August and September, and teams of 3 can register for the same within their regions.

Stage 2: Regional online qualifiers will take place for each region, as the top teams from each region will be able to qualify for the World Finals. Some regional finals will be taking place on LAN. 

Stage 3: The World Finals will take place on LAN with 8 teams qualifying and then fighting it out for the trophy and lion’s share of the prize pool. 

The Regions that have been identified are the following:

LATAM (Latin America will include LATAM Hispanic and LATAM Brazil and will have a combined Regional Final) 

Europe including Africa and Middle East

South Korea


SEA including ANZ, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

North America including Mexico

A total of 8 teams will make it to the LAN finals with one team from each region (2 from EU+ME and 2 from SEA).

Registrations for all regions barring SEA are now open. The links and official announcement can be found here.


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