COD Mobile: Two New Game Modes and New Operator Confirmed for Season 2

John Dave Rossel
9/Mar/2021 11:28 am

COD Mobile confirms two new game modes for Season 2.
The two new game mode is the Tank Battle Royale Mode and the Gunfight Sniper Game Mode.
Alex from the Modern Warfare franchise will also be available as an operator in the upcoming Season 2 Battle Pass for COD Mobile.

COD Mobile confirms two new game modes for Season 2. The COD Mobile Season 2 will commence on March 11, 2021, with two new game modes; Tank Battle Royale mode and the Gunfight Sniper game mode. The Tank Battle Royale mode features customizable battle tanks on top of the traditional Battle Royale game mode. On the other hand, the Gunfight Sniper mode will feature a six-round 3v3 multiplayer mode where players are only allowed to use sniper rifles for the whole match. Aside from the new game modes, Alex from the Modern Warfare franchise will also make his way into the mobile game. Here are more details regarding the upcoming new COD Mobile game modes for Season 2. 

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COD Mobile: Two New Game Modes Confirmed for Season 2

Tank Battle Royale Mode

This game mode has recently been leaked by data miners and has finally been confirmed by Activision. This new Battle Royale game mode tasks players into collecting tank parts from vending machines and assemble their own battle tanks.  

These tanks are very hard to maneuver on the map. However, they are very durable and offer various customization options which allow you to dominate the match. 

Gun Fight Sniper Game Mode

The Gun Fight Sniper game mode forces players to unleash their sniper skills. Over the course of the match, players are only allowed to use sniper rifles and knives to eliminate their enemies. This game mode is available for the Reclaim, Cage, Gulag, Shipment, Pine, and King multiplayer maps. 

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Alex from Modern Warfare Will Arrive in COD Mobile Season 2

Fans of the Modern Warfare franchise will be hyped to know that another familiar face will soon make his way in COD Mobile. Aside from the classic “Ghost” operator, Alex from Modern Warfare(2019) can be unlocked as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass in the mobile game. 

Alex from Modern Warfare is coming to COD Mobile Season 2.Alex is voiced by Chad Collins

COD Mobile Season 2 is scheduled to arrive on March 11, 2021. Players who are yet to finish their seasonal missions still have a few days to finish their missions and acquiring the rewards. 


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