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Mobile Legends Gacha Party Event: Prizes and How to Participate

John Dave Rossel
16/Feb/2021 07:58 am

The Gacha Party Event will start on Feb. 19, 2021.
The event brings a ton of exciting rewards for players like icon borders, emotes, recall animations, and more.
The event also gives players a chance to play with their favorite streamers in Mobile Legends.

The Gacha Party event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been announced. The Gacha Party event offers many exciting prizes for players like skin fragments, Emote, Icon Borders, and more. What’s more, players will have a chance to fight their favorite streamers. The event will start on Feb. 19, 2021, and requires players to team up with their friends to claim the rewards from the prize pool. There is also an attendance event where you need to login for ten days straight to claim more exciting prizes. Here are the details regarding the Gacha Party event in ML. 

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How to participate in the Gacha Party Event

The event has two requirements, log in for ten days and team up with your friends to draw in the event gacha. Players can easily complete the login for ten straight days event while the latter will require you to find three players who can team up with you for the event. 

Each player has one chance per day to become the team lead. The team lead can then invite friends to join their team. Once a team has been formed, all players from the team will receive ten chances to draw from the event and obtain rewards. When a member draws in the event, the whole team will receive the rewards drawn by that member. 

When a player makes a team, there will be a set of basic and random requirements given to him. These requirements must be met in order to proceed in the event. Here are the requirements that players will get at random during the Gacha Party event;

Basic Requirements:

  • Your team must have two or more members

Random Requirements:

  • At least one team member has reached account level fifteen.
  • At least one team member has unlocked more than ten heroes.
  • At least one team member has reached account level twenty.
  • At least one team member has unlocked more than fifteen heroes.
Gacha Party Event in Mobile Legends is coming this Feb. 19, 2021.Each member can draw up to 10 times in the Gacha Party Event.

Gacha Party Event Rewards

Here are the Gacha Party rewards after logging in for ten days straight;

  • Event Avatar Border
  • Premium Skin Fragments
  • Hero Fragments
  • Tickets
Login for 10 straight days in the Gacha Party Eventto recieve and event-exclusive profile border.Log in for 10 straight days in the Gacha Party Event to receive an event-exclusive profile border.

Here are the rewards for teaming up with your friends;

  • Chou Emote
  • Dust
  • EXP Boost Card
  • Tickets
  • Event Recall Animation
  • Hero Fragments
  • Skin Trial

Play With Popular Streamers in Gacha Party Event

The event also hinted that you could play with or against your favorite Mobile Legends streamers. More details will be posted soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates regarding this portion of the event.

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This Gacha Party event is quite significant, considering you get a chance to play with your favorite ML streamers and win rewards in the process. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire event-exclusive borders and recall animations.


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