Execration Wild Rift Roster Announced

John Dave Rossel
9/Feb/2021 08:31 am

Execration revealed their full Wild Rift roster through their Facebook Page on Feb. 9, 2021.
The roster is composed of Tontey, Dedenne, Hito, Mico, and Tsinelas.
The team has been successful in small-scale Wild Rift community tournaments so far, it would be interesting if they can impress their fans in the upcoming Wild Rift SEA Icon Series.

The Execration Wild Rift Roster has finally been revealed through the Filipino esports organization's social media handles. The team features some of the finest former Filipino League of Legends PC players including Dedenne and Tontey. It is Execration’s latest addition to its portfolio of teams which features multiple rosters in different esports titles like Dota 2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

It will be interesting to see if Execration’s Wild Rift team will be as successful as their other rosters in the other titles. But before that here’s a complete look at their new lineup.

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Execration Wild Rift Roster Announced

The official Execration Wild Rift roster was revealed on their Facebook page, along with the caption “You already saw them winning multiple championships, and soon they'll be stepping to a bigger stage.”

The team is composed of the following members;

  • Patrick "Tontey" Sales - TOP
  • John "Dedenne" Bambico - MID
  • Robert "Hito " Candoy - ADC
  • Karl "Mico " Quitlong - JG
  • Joseph "Tsinelas " Nallares - SUP
  • Coach: Meister's Den Gaming 

Patrick "Tontey" Sales started as a League of Legends PC player who switches to Wild Rift to pursue his dream as an esports professional as a Top laner. 

Similar to Tontey, John "Dedenne" Bambico also started as a League of Legends PC player and a challenger ranked which later transitioned to Wild Rift and joined the Execration Wild Rift roster as their Mid laner. 

Robert "Hito " Candoy started as a Mobile Legends player and recently switched to playing Wild Rift. He eventually joined Execration Wild Rift as their AD Carry. 

Karl "Mico " Quitlong is a former member of team ROG in Mobile Legends. He later transitioned to Wild Rift and found his way into the Execration Wild Rift team as their Jungler. 

Joseph "Tsinelas " Nallares is one of the best Wild Rift support players in PH. He is currently the top 2 Braum user in the leaderboards

The team has participated in various community tournaments, including the Wild Rift Underground Weekly Tournament, hosted by popular shoutcaster Sh1n Boo, where they snatched the Champion title on Week 3 of the team tournament. Mid laner Dedenne stood on top amongst the 500 players competing in this tournament and won the 1v1 tournament. 

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Despite being a new team, Execration has already proven itself to be formidable in the Wild Rift community tournaments. It would be interesting to see how well they perform in the upcoming Wild Rift Icon Series. 


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