PMGC Finals Day 2 Delayed Until Further Notice

Nutan Lele
22/Jan/2021 02:49 pm

PUBG Mobile has decided to delay day 2 of PMGC until further notice.
According to the casters, some players were facing network issues since yesterday.
While casters assured fans that the root cause has been identified and resolved, the first match of day 2 has been delayed for almost an hour.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals started yesterday and is on Day 2 of the grand finals. Unfortunately due to connection issues for some players, PUBG Mobile decided to delay the event until further notice. The first match of Day 2 started with a delay of a few minutes. However, the match was remade within a few minutes of starting.  According to the casters, some players were facing network issues since yesterday. To make sure all teams have a fair chance of playing, PUBG Mobile decided to add one extra match each day for players to recover their points. This means that each day will have seven matches instead of six. While casters assured fans that the root cause has been identified and resolved, PMGC Day 2 has been delayed until further notice. The stream kicked off at 02:25 PM GMT (10:25 PM SGT) and was supposed to include a special announcement.

As of now, the YouTube stream for the event is still active and shows ‘Delayed until further notice

PMGC DelayedSource: PUBG Mobile esports

PUBG Mobile put out a statement on Twitter about the delay saying it will not be able to hold Day 2 matches as planned and they are temporarily suspending the matches:

One day before PMGC finals kicked off, three players had to be quarantined due to testing positive. PUBG Mobile's Director Global Esports, James Yang, during a press conference, said that all teams would play in isolation on a dedicated network instead of gathering at the venue. PUBG Mobile went ahead with this backup plan to ensure none of the other players get affected. None of the player or team names have been revealed in the announcement. PUBG Mobile Global Championship was supposed to be held with all players heading to the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, UAE. 

Players also experienced delays during the final day of week one of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) season zero has been postponed due to a power outage.

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Day 1 of PMGC grand finals

Day 1 of the tournament saw many upsets with beloved teams Bigetron RA and Futbolist at the bottom of the leaderboard. Turkish team Klas Digital Athletics fought their way to the top and ended the day with 80 points and one chicken dinner. Chinese team 4AM came in second place with 75 points and two chicken dinners.  Natus Vincere (NaVi) also rose up in the leaderboards and finished in third place with 68 points and one chicken dinner. The team had finished in 13th place in the league stage of PMGC. RRQ Athena came in fourth place with 62 points while Team Secret came in fifth place with 53 points. 

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