PUBG Mobile Goes Lightweight Reducing Size up to 600 MB

John Dave Rossel
10/Dec/2020 04:43 am

PUBG Mobile introduces Lightweight feature, reducing file size by 70 percent.
The feature allows players to download and remove map resources you don't use.
Players will have the option of Low Quality or High Quality graphics with much more reduced file size and smoother gameplay.

PUBG Mobile has come a long way. The game already has a lot of features and contents that have been added these past months. With that much content, the game is pretty bulky right now with 2GB worth of game data. The devs have a new solution to this ever-increasing file size of PUBG Mobile, introducing the Lightweight Mode. 

PUBG Mobile Lightweight Mode

Not to be confused with PUBG Lite, this mode will compress the game by up to 70% of its original file size with little to no noticeable changes in graphics and gameplay. You will have to download the installation pack available on the official PUBG Mobile website for 600MB.

Whether you are a new or existing player, your progress won’t change. There will also be different packs from 320MB Low Spec to 580MB High-Quality resource packs if you wish to switch between graphics qualities. These resource packs are compressed to keep the file size small and keep the gameplay as smooth as possible. 

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Players will have the option to download or remove map resources at their will. The Erangel Metro Map is the only resource map you can’t remove because it is the default map that everyone will have. These changes will allow players to keep the file size small until they wish to play on a specific map.

The new feature also detects resources you haven’t used in the last few months and will send you notifications. This new feature gives you an option to remove these resources until you need them or keep them if you wish. These resources are mostly different resources that improve the gaming experience and don’t change the game’s core gameplay.

What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG Lightweight Mode Released Credits: PUBG Mobile

PUBG Lite is a lighter version of PUBG Mobile with fewer contents and resource consumption. The Maps in PUBG Lite are smaller compared to its PUBG Mobile counterpart meaning, and the, the matches are way faster.

The number of PUBG Lite playersplayers in PUBG Lite is also reduced to 60 players per match compared to PUBG Mobile’s limit of 100 players per gamematch. 

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There is also a noticeable decrease in graphic quality in PUBG Lite compared to PUBG Mobile in order to make the game less demanding to lower-end devices. Despite the graphics difference, the gameplay is still the same for both games. 


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