Team Secret win PMPL MY/SG and Thailand, Aerowolf Limax win PMPL Indonesia

Nutan Lele
28/Sep/2020 10:34 am

Team Secret won PMPL MY/SG and Team Secret TH winning PMPL Thailand.
Aerowolf Limax won PMPL Indonesia.
The qualifying teams will compete in the PMGC in late November for a prize pool of $2 million.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League comes to an end in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia after more than a month of play. The results are in, Team Secret bagged two PMPLs this time, with Team Secret winning PMPL MY/SG and Team Secret TH winning PMPL Thailand. While Aerowolf Limax won PMPL Indonesia.


Team Secret has emerged victorious in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Malaysia/ Singapore Fall Split 2020 and walked away with $15,000. The team picked up 4 Chicken Dinners and finished in Top 5 during 8 of the 18 Finals matches. As a result, the team picked up a total of 232 points (120 Placement Points and 112 Kill Points) and were a full 32 points ahead of 2nd place Yoodo Gank. The runner up also picked up 4 Chicken Dinners and had a total of 196 points (104 Placement Points and 92 Kill Points). UHigh from Team Secret was the Grand Final MVP. 

Since Team Secret and Yoodo Gank have qualified for the SEA Fall Finals as winners of PMPL MYSG Regular Season and PMPL SEA Spring Champions respectively, their slots have been given to the next best performing teams, Team SMG and Geek Fam.

PMPL Thailand

Team Secret’s Thai division called Team Secret TH won PMPL Thailand with 189 points in total in the 15 matches of the Finals and KENGZO was named MVP. As a result, the team bagged $15,815 in winnings. Team Secret TH put up a consistent performance and managed to get 4 Chicken Dinners and picked up 102 Placement Points and 87 Kill Points. RRQ Athena were the runner up and had a 17 point difference with the winners. The team picked up a total of 172 points in the Finals. Golden Cat and FaZe Clan followed RRQ Athena to come in 3rd and 4th place respectively. 

Despite putting up a stellar performance in the Regular Season, POWER888 KPS fell behind in the Finals and came in 6th place with 116 Placement Points and 57 Kill Points. However, since the team were the Regular Season winners, they have qualified for the PMPL SEA Finals for Season 2 along with Team Secret and RRQ Athena.

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PMPL Indonesia

Out of the 16 teams that participated in PMPL Indonesia, Aerowolf Limax emerged as the champions of the league and have pocketed $20,000. Aerowold Limax played tactically, flying under the radar and boosting their placement points. Despite having a slightly less number of kills (68 kills) their strategy paid off and their 116 Placement Points pushed them to the top of the leaderboards. 

Despite winning the Regular Season, Bigetron RA stumbled in the Finals. The team could only manage 1 Chicken Dinner in the Finals. However, Bigetron RA have already qualified for the SEA Finals for being the winners of the Regular Season despite receiving a penalty of 15 penalty points due to rule breakage.

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Aura Esports who came in behind Aerowold Limax also qualified for the SEA Finals with their 164 points (90 Placement Points and 74 Kill Points). The best four teams of the SEA Finals will compete in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) in late November for a prize pool of $2 million. 


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