121XP Backed Initiative, BlitzkriegXP Announces Tryouts For PUBG MOBILE Team

Shounak Sengupta
29/Jun/2020 08:45 am

Indian marketing agency, 121XP recently launched an esports team known as BlitzkriegXP. The team will be holding nationwide tryouts for their PUBG MOBILE squad and has committed to providing them with necessary infrastructure, coaching staff and other resources. BlitzkriegXP will also be partnering with gaming content creators. The team will be holding open tryouts to scout for players. The tryouts are open for both solos and squads to all players above 16 years of age. Registrations will begin on July 1 and will be open till July 10. The registrations will be done on a first come first serve basis will be via a platform called Higin. The link for the same can be found here

Talking about the initiative, Samin 'AceAthena12' Ahmed, Head of Marketing at BlitzkriegXP said “We are thrilled to roll out our first nationwide tryouts for our PUBG roster. We’ve been getting a lot of traction on our social media handles and giving these budding gamers the platform they need is just what we’re here for! Moreover, getting Higin on-board as the league operations partner has been the game changer because just a chicken dinner is not going to seal the deal, we’re looking at a holistic skill assessment process to shortlist and arrive at the final 8. We have a super exciting roadmap full of opportunities planned for the team and we can’t wait to meet them!”

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BlitzkriegXP PUBG MOBILE Tryouts


The solo tryouts will take place on 22nd July with a maximum of 100 players who register first. A series of best of five will be played amongst these 100 players to shortlist the top 4 finest players who will then become a part of BlitzkriegXP’s PUBG mobile roster.


 The team tryouts will happen in three phases commencing from the 15th of July.


128 teams participate, they will be divided into 8 groups with each group consisting of 16 teams.

A best of five will be played in each group, shortlisting the top 32 teams using in-game ratings.


32 teams shortlisted from the Group stage will be divided further into 2 groups with each group consisting of 16 teams.

A best of five will be played in each group, shortlisting the top 16 teams via in game ratings. 


The shortlisted teams from the semifinals will play a best of 10 series. The ultimate winning squad will become a part of BlitzkriegXP’s PUBG mobile roster.

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The final BlitzkriegXP PUBG mobile roster will consist of 8 players, 4 players from the team tryouts and 4 players from the solo selection, who will be flown down to Mumbai for further assessment. These 8 players will undergo BlitzkriegXP's extensive Boot camp training under a professional coach to enhance their gaming skills. The players associated with BlitzkriegXP will have access to state of the art gaming infrastructure and widespread visibility across multiple brands for associations and endorsements. The training will not only be limited to their gaming skills but will also focus on their mental health, social visibility, personal development that will be put into consideration in order to build their professional careers.


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