PMPL South Asia - TSM-Entity Take The Lead After Opening Week 3 With a Banger; SynerGE Impress

Shounak Sengupta
4/Jun/2020 05:54 pm
  • TSM-Entity take a lead on the opening day of the final week. 
  • With 4 days remaining, the fight for the top 3 and top 16 will be crucial. 

TSM-Entity delivered a strong statement in the opening day of the final week at the PMPL South Asia league stage and have realistically confirmed a spot in the World League. A top 3 finish in the league stage will be the criteria for the World League and TSM-Entity are the table toppers with a 9 point lead over Orange Rock. They have over a 100 point lead over the 4th placed team but we have to remember that some teams have played less games than others. Nonetheless, 2 chicken dinners and a second place finish is something that will help the team massively, going into the final week of the league stage.

Orange Rock Also Close to Sealing The Deal

 The team who were leading the table, Orange Rock had a relatively hard day with a rough start, but made a comeback in the last match with a chicken dinner. While they have relinquished their top spot, the team too are in prime position after TSM to confirm the World League spot. With 3 more game days remaining, the team won’t need anything extraordinary, but just have to keep working with the lead they have and not let their competition get close to them. Nonetheless, they would want to avoid bottom half finishes like day 1 of day 3 and keep the momentum from their last match win going. The battle for the top spot is between them and TSM-Entity and neither are looking like they’ll settle for anything less. 

SynerGE Show That They Are Ready For the Big Stage

Another team who have been mighty impressive the entire league stage have been SynerGE. The team have avoided the flashy plays and maintained a level of consistency that is rare to see in the top level of the competition. The team has not only delivered with solid placements whenever possible, but also with a high fragging power and the ability to convert to chicken dinners when given room to work with. On the opening day of week 3 , the team kicked things off with a win after dominating the last engagement against a powerful TSM-Entity. They then managed to keep their momentum for the rest of the day, managing 2 more top 5 finishes and an impressive 47 kills in just 5 matches.



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