MortaL On Soul's Current Form, Being a Professional and Focusing on the PMPL Finals

Shounak Sengupta
1/Jun/2020 01:07 pm
  • Mortal spoke about his team's recent performance and how they are deciding which player in substituted. 
  • He also discussed the possibility of bringing in a coach. 

Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur recently spoke about his team’s performance and how they are approaching things in an interview. Soul’s performance in recent times has faced harsh criticism as fan’s have been disappointed to see the team find their rhythm. Coupled with frequent roster changes and inability to find a stable squad, the team has been under fire. However, on the final day of week 2 in PMPL South Asia, the team managed to get a chicken dinner. The panel called on the team’s most well known member, Mortal, who shared his thoughts on a few key topics. Despite not having played that match Mortal spoke about what sort of things his team has been going through and what they have been doing to work on their mistakes. 

Having represented South Asia in both Spring and Fall last year, Soul are undoubtedly one of the biggest brands in the country. However their performance at the PMPL league stage has been lacking and only after yesterday’s decent string of results did the team find themselves in the top half of the table. The team is 118 points shy of the top 3 and realistically will not be able to make it qualify for the World League via the league stage. They will however have a shot at it via the finals where they must end up in the top 2. Speaking about this, Mortal revealed that they are focusing on qualifying via the finals. For now, even though they will try their best, the team is realistically aiming at a top 5/ top 6 finish. 

The battle between being a streamer and a pro player is one that Mortal has to constantly fight | Image via @Mortal

Talking about the team's frequent line up changes, Mortal said that it has been an issue in the past but the team are looking to make the decision via stats. He revealed that Aman had taken a break to work on some aspects of his game and once he returned, it was Mortal’s turn to sit out since he had the lowest numbers among his teammates. Later on on his stream, when his fans asked whether he would be playing with the team anytime soon, he said that right now it’s hard to say as things were on an upward trend. He also revealed that even though Soul is going through a dip in form, he was confident that this was the first and last time something like this would happen. 

Mortal also spoke about the fact that he and his teammates would have to strive to be more professional to stay at par with the competition. While Soul is known for the friendship and brotherhood between players, Mortal revealed that they still have to be disciplined and keep a professional approach to the game and the competitive side of things. He also spoke about the fact that the team is thinking about getting a coach to help them prepare and take their game to the next step. However, he reminded his loyal fans that he and his teammates would always be available on their streams  having fun with their viewers and bringing out the lighter side of things as they are known for. 

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Writer's note: Soul's dip in performance has widely been talked about and it's great to see the player come out and clear the air. The maturity with which he discussed some of the issues shows what a true professional he is and even though he is the face of the roster, he is willing to be benched for the team. Mortal and Soul will resume their journey in the PMPL South Asia league stage on the 2nd of June



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