Indian Cricketer Ishant Sharma States That Marriage Is The Reason He Does Not Play PUBG

Shounak Sengupta

18th May, 2020

Cover and thumbnail via @ICC Cricket

  • Ishant Sharma jokingly mentioned that married folks should not be playing PUBG MOBILE. 

Appearing on an Instagram live session, Indian pacer, Ishant Sharma revealed that he was a big fan of the PS4 when he was single. However, now that he is married he has little time to play videogames. When asked about whether he joins his teammates for some PUBG MOBILE, the 31-year old bowler said that he does not play the game. 

Sharma further explained that playing PUBG after marriage ‘invites a fight’ and if the wife sees him playing PUBG, it won’t be good. While many of the Indian cricketers are avid fans of the game, it seems as if Ishant doesn’t share their interest. Meanwhile, players like Yuzevendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav and former captain MS Dhoni are just few of the names who are vocal fans of the game.