What Could PUBG MOBILE’s 24 Hour Sandstorm Stream Mean?

Shounak Sengupta
12/May/2020 11:43 am

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG MOBILE

  • PUBG MOBILE has been streaming a 24 hour video which shows a sandstorm taking over the map of Miramar. 

PUBG MOBILE has been streaming a mysterious 24 hour video which has been live for nearly 12 hours at the time of writing. The video shows a sandstorm slowly take over the map of Miramar. As time progresses, more and more of the map is covered by the sandstorm. There is a time on the stream as well which indicates how long the stream has been running for. 

While there is little indication as to what we can expect at the end of the stream, what we can see is an airdrop. It is also clear that the visual is being shown through a security camera on the map. While PUBG MOBILE has experimented with drones in other game modes, stationary cameras will be a new addition to the game if added. 

The stream could also be teasing a new game event such as the cheer park in Erangel. Since Miramar is the flavor of the month, it seems likely that a new mode could be added to Miramar to celebrate the launch of the updated version. 


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