PUBG MOBILE Releases Statement on Smoke Glitch Issue; “Aiming To Having it Fixed By Next Update”

Shounak Sengupta
24/Apr/2020 10:43 am

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  • PUBG MOBILE released a statement discussing the smoke glitch that exists in the game.
  • They are attempting to fix the issue by the time the next patch releases in May. 

The smoke glitch is one of the keep talking points in the PUBG MOBILE esports community and a source of much controversy. Bugs and glitches have often been abused by teams and players across all esport titles and although most are quickly fixed in patch, sometimes they do lead to some iconic moments. Although this particular smoke bug doesn’t seem like it has that potential, it certainly is quite broken. 

What is the smoke glitch?

In the current patch, if a player switches from TPP to FPP while inside a smoke, their vision bypasses the smoke and allows them to see through it. The most famous incident of a team getting an advantage via this glitch came in the PMPL South Asia scrim matches when Nepal’s Elementrix were seen using some form of the glitch. However, it was clarified that the team were not doing it intentionally, with quite a few community members stepping up to defend them. As a result the penalties that were sanctioned on them have been lifted as well. 


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