#GamingforGood - Over 25K INR Raised By Community as TSM-Entity Entertains Viewers With a Magnificent Display

Shounak Sengupta
6/Apr/2020 04:46 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @TSM India

  • TSM-Entity win the #GamingforGood Charity tournament
  • The community came together to raise over INR 25K 
  • The money collected and the top three teams will also be donating their money to charities to help with relief work for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

The #GamingforGood Charity tournament came to an end with current India champions, TSM-Entity dominating the competition with an emphatic win. The community also came together to not only enjoy the matches, but contribute to a good cause, raising over 25,000 INR in the process.

TSM-Entity Smash the Competition out of the Park

While the tournament itself was for a nice cause, the teams who were up against TSM-Entity certainly couldn’t have felt too good. The team dominated the competition every inch of the way and put on a fine display of tactical prowess, fragging power and utter ruthlessness as they ran through the other teams in the competition without mercy. Over the course of 3 days and 18 maps, the team picked up 5 chicken dinners and 137 kills, a true testament to their fragging power. For their efforts, the team will be awarded INR 1 lakh, which they have chosen to donate to the Zomato Feed India Initiative and 4DOG’SAKE an initiative which looks after the welfare of stray dogs in the Delhi/NCR region.

 #GamingforGood Day 3 Final Standings

SouL Make Comeback on Final Day

Team SouL took second place in the tournament, and their day 3 performance saw the team bounce back after slipping to 4th. The performance was a throwback to the PMCO 2019 Fall South Asia Qualifiers which saw Entity Gaming and SouL take the top two spots. SouL themselves also received INR 50,000 and chose to donate it to the same charities. Nepal’s Elemntrix also received 25,000 INR for their efforts and also contributed for the same.

Additionally TSM-Entity’s Jonathan was adjudged as the MVP for the tournament for being the highest fragger with 54 kills. A big shout out to Rakesh Bisth for being the top fan and contributing INR 9000 for the cause as well. This rounds up our coverage for the #GamingforGood charity tournament. Thanks to all the partners - Fnatic India, Loco (Pocket Aces), Villager Esports, One Plus and Homegrown for making it possible. 


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