PMPL South Asia - TSM-Entity Begin Title Defense With a Banger

Shounak Sengupta
19/Mar/2020 01:12 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @entitygamingind

The first game of PMPL South Asia saw TSM-Entity march to a big win, notching up 19 kills and a chicken dinner to put 39 points on the board.This is the debut for Team Solomid in PUBG Mobile and the roster showed that they are indeed worthy of the tag. The TSM-Entity roster are the defending champions in India, having won PMCO South Asia back in 2019 and are looking to go all the way once again.

More details were revealed about the tournament as we now know that the top 3 teams from the league stage will be going directly to PUBG Mobile World League East, while two more teams will join them via the South Asia Finals. 61.5K USD will be the prize pool for the league stage while the rest ~140K USD will be the prize pool for the finals. 

The opening game on Erangel was intense with Teams from Groups A, B, C and D going at it in full force. A circle shift saw both Fnatic and Marcos Gaming make the wrong guess and travel south to Military island, only to find that the next circle would have them move back up again. While most teams spent the majority of the game chasing the circle, TSM-Entity sat comfortably in the middle, and racked up 19 kill points as other teams began to close in. The last fight saw them win out a brilliant 4v3 scenario against Nepal's Jyanmaara, as good tactical positioning and great communication gave them a massive edge. Team Tamilas, who are one of our picks to watch out for this tournament, came in third. 


TSM-Entity start off their campaign with a 39 point winner | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

With 4 more games remaining on day 1 and 3 more days of games remaining, a lot of action is headed our way. TSM-Entity have made a statement as to what we can expect from them while the rest of the squad have to focus on the upcoming games to try and catch up. 


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