PMPL Indonesia to Be Played Behind Closed Doors Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Shounak Sengupta
11/Mar/2020 01:16 pm

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The seriousness of the COVID-19 situation is being felt day after day and while it has had a lot of serious repercussions across multiple industries globally, esports has also felt its effect. A number of LANs have either been cancelled or are being played behind closed doors. While PC LANs were the first to be affected, mobile esport tournaments that were set to take place in the coming weeks and months have not been spared either.

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While we have already talked about the Free Fire Champions Cup and PMPL South Asia, as it turns out, PMPL Indonesia is also going to be held behind closed doors. In a statement put out by PUBG MOBILE Indonesia, PMPL Indonesia matches starting from today will be held without an audience. Additionally they will be monitoring player and staff health to keep the situation in check. Viewers will only be able to watch the games on the official Facebook stream. 

The news is concerning not just on its own but for what it means for the future of PUBG Mobile as an esport. With big plans on the horizon like the World League and the World Championship, there is concern about what will happen when these big international LANs need to be played out. 


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