PUBG Mobile Developers Share Anti Hack Message; 7 Common Hacks to Look out For

Shounak Sengupta
26/Feb/2020 03:43 pm

A few hours ago, the PUBG Mobile dev team shared an anti hack message/video on YouTube, highlighting a particular incident where a player tried to dupe the system and eventually got banned. What was indeed a quite innovative method in hacking, was eventually traced and put an end to. The video is a symbolic part of PUBG Mobile’s campaign against hackers and it’s endless war against it. Though hackers and cheaters continue to exist and make the experience unpleasant for everyone, the truth of the matter is that they are far too rampant at the current moment and even with PUBG Mobile’s best efforts, the problem is quite evident for players to see. 

While most hacks are not as complicated and ingenious as the one in the video, they mostly can be categorized under the following categories. Here is our list of the 7 most common hacks that you’ll encounter in PUBG Mobile. 


Aimbots are pretty common in the sense that they are basically software which help you aim better. From snapping onto player models to helping you keep firing at the same target without missing, most aimbots are pretty blatant. Some of the badly designed ones often don't even take distance into consideration and will often lead to some pretty ridiculous long distance shots. 

Headshot hacks

These are a slightly advanced version of the aimbots wherein the hacks make it easier to land headshots or snap onto enemy heads when they are in range. Headshot based hacks are slightly harder to detect, especially if the player is toggling them to create doubt but can be quite easily detected on the backend.

Recoil hacks

As the name suggests, recoil hacks reduce or completely negate the recoil from a gun, allowing you to spray and transfer much easier. While you may be struggling to control your recoil especially when using a m4 + 6x, the players using recoil hacks will have you believe that the have mastered the art of recoil control, when actually they are just cheating. 


Another timeless classic, wallhacks have existed in the shooter genre for a long time now and it basically allows a player to get information that they aren’t supposed to have. From knowing enemy positions, to being able to see inside houses and through walls, wallhacks provide an advantage that is hard to deal with if you are a regular player. While you may be able to detect a wall hacker based on how they are playing, some smarter wall hackers are hard to detect and will act like they don’t have the information. Prefiring randomly, checking uncommon spots and holding fishy angles are all indicative of wallhacking. 


ESP or Extra Sensory Perception is an advanced version of a Wallhack, where the player using it will be privy to information that simply isn’t possible to get otherwise. From what sort of loot enemies have, where the crates are dropping to who is driving what vehicle, ESPs can even let you see player names and health. 

Speed Hacks

Speed Hackers are one of the easiest to spot and get banned pretty quickly. The speed hacks allow players to move faster than others and traverse large distances pretty quickly. Needless to say, if you see a player zooming around the map, they are using a speed hack. 

Flying/Jump Hack

The Jump or Flying based hacks are also pretty easy to spot and allow players to jump higher distances and fly around the map. These are rare as it’s pretty blatant and those who use them can rarely ever get away with it. 


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