Fnatic top the table after 4 days of play in PUBG Mobile All Stars

Shounak Sengupta
12/Dec/2019 08:19 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Owais_op

After a disappointing performance in the PMCO South Asia finals, Fnatic have begun to regain some momentum and are looking like a much sharper team. They are currently playing in the Mastery Scrims, which is the online phase of the PUBG Mobile All Stars tournament. While the games aren’t the most serious, Fnatic are putting on a show for their fans and gaining the confidence that they need to move ahead and establish themselves as a top team. 

The scrims will last a total of 7 days, till the 15 of December. While no team will be eliminated, the top team at the end will receive 5 lakh INR. After 4 days of play Fnatic are currently on top of the table with a 22 point lead over second placed Zero Degree Esports. A total of 5 matches are being played daily, which includes both FPP and TPP modes along with a challenge round, such as only weapons, only snipers and pistols etc. Fnatic has managed to snag three WWCD's in the 4 days of play, as have Team IND, Zero Degree and 7 Seas.

Also in the top 3 are the newly formed 7 Seas, who have really been going off as a squad and as individuals. This has been a good testing ground for a lot of squads, who are testing out new rosters and lineups before heading into the 70K USD LAN, which will take place on the 21st and 22nd. 

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