Powerbang and CWA join Spacestation Gaming as a part of Spacestation Mobile

Shounak Sengupta
23/Oct/2019 09:36 pm

Cover image and thumbnail via @clash_with_ash and @powerbanggaming

Content creators, Tim ‘ClashWithAsh’ Evans and Lance ‘Powerbang’ Frisbee have joined Spacestation Gaming as part of Spacestation Mobile, with SSG claiming that they are trying to ‘create the next mobile powerhouse in esports’. The two popular figures are known figures in the mobile gaming space with Powerbang being a popular content creator for PUBG Mobile and CWA for Clash Royale. 

Spacestation has clarified to TEO that both Powerbang and CWA will join as co-founders of a new LLC (Limited Liability Company), Spacestation Mobile. Spacestation Gaming are already known in the mobile gaming space as they were one of the first orgs to pick up a PUBG Mobile roster in NA. The team went onto to represent SSG at the PUBG Mobile Club Open, Spring Championship but more recently failed to qualify for the Fall Championship.

Powerbang is notably known for his previous organizations Lights Out, which merged with OMEN Elite after qualifying for the PMCO Spring Championship Wildcards stage. He is also a YouTuber, focusing primarily on PUBG Mobile and boasts an impressive 1.4 million subscribers on his channel. 

CWA is more known for his content around Supercell’s strategy game, Clash Royale. His YouTube has almost 800K subs. According to him the venture will “focus heavily on community involvement, Esport domination, & creator support!”


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